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/ 146 days ago

Serie A considers playing league games in United States

Serie A is considering expanding the financial incentives of sending the Supercoppa Italiana to league games. This season's edition of the Italian Supercup featured a four-team format for the first time with a miniature tournament in Saudi Arabia. The foreign Supercup raised the prize money in the competition to $25 million spread across the 20 […]

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/ 651 days ago

LaLiga unveils plans to circumvent EPL growth in India and MENA

Spain's LaLiga today teamed up with Dubai-based media company Galaxy Racer to extend its reach. The intended target is the Middle East and northern Africa (MENA) region as well as India. The 15-year agreement worth $2.9 billion aims to help LaLiga compete globally with the Premier League. LaLiga saw considerable development in North America over […]

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/ 4961 days ago

Michael Chopra Chooses India Over Bleak England Prospects

In an interview with the BBC Michael Chopra has revealed that he is actively pursuing becoming an Indian international in the near future. With his grandparents on his father’s side born in India, Chopra is eligible for the Indian national side, but could be delayed in making his debut due to the technical issues around securing the correct paperwork.


/ 5787 days ago

Latest Premier League News From Around The World

It's Friday, so if you're in the mood for I'd-rather-be-reading-than-working, here are several very revealing Premier League-related articles from around the world. Enjoy. "Credit Crunch Makes Premier League Clubs Feel The Squeeze" (The Telegraph). Read how the Credit Crunch, which started in the U.S., is having a major impact on Premier League clubs this summer. […]