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Prominent UK minister hid in closet to avoid Hillsborough families

Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May disclosed a minister hid in a closet to avoid seeing Hillsborough Disaster victims' relatives. The former prime minister declined to identify the politician. Yet, she did imply that the encounter occurred within the context of Whitehall's unwillingness to 'rake over the past' by reopening the investigation into the […]

Police apologize for Hillsborough Disaster, and admit negligence

British police have issued an apology for their role in the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster that resulted in the tragic death of 97 soccer fans. It's the first time that police have apologized for the disaster and how families of the victims have been treated. The apology comes six years after a 2017 report headed by […]


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Remembering the 96 Who Lost Their Lives At Hillsborough

On this date 21 years ago, the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster happened in Sheffield when 96 fans were crushed to death as a result of failure of police control. The city of Liverpool will today stop and pay tribute to those who died on Leppings Lane. The Lord Mayor of Liverpool and other civic leaders will […]

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The Changing Face Of Premiership Grounds: #1 Old Trafford

It seems incredible now when we view some of the impressive grounds that make up the home stadia of the Premiership clubs that in just 17 years how many of them have changed beyond all recognition from those far away days of the Premierships beginning. Looking back, the speed that some of the grounds changed […]

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Steven Cohen blames Liverpool fans for Hillsborough Disaster

Steven Cohen, co-host of the World Soccer Daily radio show, has been at it again. While the rest of the world last week was paying tribute to the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough Tragedy, Cohen was complaining on his U.S. radio show that Liverpool fans failed to take responsibility for Hillsborough as well as claiming […]