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/ 380 days ago

Comcast customers, get Peacock for less than what Xfinity offers

Comcast customers have recently learned by e-mail that free access Peacock Premium is coming to an end. The cable provider previously included the streaming service alongside access to their traditional plans. Nevertheless, Xfinity will now end the free service on June 26th, 2023. The cable provider instead is offering Peacock Premium to current subscribers for […]


/ 5297 days ago

Are The Days Of Cable and Satellite Providers Numbered?

In the past decade, we've seen plenty of changes but one of the biggest ones has been that middle men have seen their power stripped away because of the Internet. Record companies are no longer as powerful as they used to be. Authors are self-publishing their books. Filmmakers are releasing their movies online. The next […]


/ 5709 days ago

Setanta Now Available On AT&T U-Verse

Setanta Sports is now available on AT&T U-Verse, as of this week. U-Verse is AT&T's Internet protocol television (IPTV) solution that starts at $44 per month and is available nationwide. Setanta Sports is available for $15 per month. U-Verse also offers Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV, so if you're unable to get DirecTV and you […]


/ 5737 days ago

How To Get Setanta Sports On Comcast Cable

If you're a Comcast Cable customer and you want Setanta Sports, the time to act is now. I just spoke with a source inside Comcast Cable who confirmed that their head office in Philadelphia has signed a contract with Setanta Sports so that local Comcast Cable companies have the green light to add the 24/7 […]