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/ 575 days ago

How Qatar won the rights to host the World Cup

With the 2022 World Cup underway, we explain why and how Qatar won the rights to host the World Cup. "How did I get here?!" The line from the Talking Heads' 1980 track "Once in a Lifetime" may just be something ringing through the minds of many of the players, coaches, fans and media members […]
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/ 4641 days ago

Chuck Blazer Steps Down from CONCACAF

CONCACAF general secretary, nemesis of Mohammed Bin Hammam, and tabloid story-filler Chuck Blazer announced today he would step down from his role in the soccer federation at the end of the year.  Blazer had been involved in CONCACAF's leadership for two decades and his resignation is certainly the end of an era.  He will, however, […]


/ 4694 days ago

Accusations Ramp Up Against FIFA's Chuck Blazer

The investigations into FIFA's corrupt practices continue, and the attention has again been focused on American Chuck Blazer. Andrew Jennings, one of soccer's most outspoken reformers, released a new detailed report yesterday with a laundry list of accusations against Blazer and his lavish lifestyle.  Jennings claims the FBI has now begun investigating the FIFA official's […]