Two months after MLS passed the so-called “Beckham rule” to allow each club to buy one high priced international star, the league has yet to make a single big acquisition. With the transfer window now wide open, one would have expected MLS to make the moves they failed to make right after the World Cup, obtaining a few marketable international stars. Luis Figo, who was thought to be a top MLS target has signed with a club in Saudi Arabia, so cross him off the list. Is either Ronaldo or David Beckham a realistic target? I personally do not think they are at this point in time, especially right in the middle of the European season.

What about bringing home an older top American from Europe like Claudio Reyna or Brian McBride? Quite frankly, both players seem to be cemented in their current clubs, and neither seems ready to go to the MLS retirement home (which is basically what it became for American players who come home after several years in Europe like Tony Sanneh, Ernie Stewart and Jovan Kirovski)

MLS has signed in the past many top Mexican stars, none of whom helped attendance, and all of whom seemed to have trouble acclimating to the league. So scratch out that possibility. Considering how MLS’ season is misplaced with the International calender, it is tough to see how MLS takes advantage of its rules changes and brings in a top international star. Perhaps the rules change was made just to encourage additional foreign investment in the league and the hope that someday a big time investor would be willing and able to lure a true international superstar to the league?