ESPN confirmed its lineup of announcers and analysts today for their coverage of Euro 2008 in a press release. There has been much speculation on who would be used between ESPN’s international talent and the network’s own US lineup. The answer the release gives us is a little bit of both… and some outside help as well.

The network has announced that former Scotland National Team player Andy Gray will be joining ESPN for the entire run of the tournament, serving as both a game and studio analyst. Gray, who has worked for Britain’s Sky Sports since 1990, is one of the satellite service’s top commentators, and is a regular on Sky’s Premier League and England National Team broadcasts.

The remainder of the announcing team is made up of ESPN Champions League coverage regulars. Derek Rae and Adrian Healey will serve as the two play-by-play announcers, while Tommy Smyth will work as both a game and studio analyst. Robbie Mustoe will also serve as an analyst during select matches.

The studio side, meanwhile, is mostly made up of the network’s MLS and World Cup 2006 broadcast lineup. Both Rece Davis and Julie Foudy, who served as host and studio analyst respectively during the last world cup, will be back in their jobs. Rob Stone, who hosts on ESPN’s MLS broadcasts, will also host on certain matches. Finally, Pedro Gomez, most famous (or infamous) for his two years spent covering baseball player Barry Bonds, has been tapped to work as a on-site reporter from Austria and Switzerland.

Today’s announcement shows that ESPN is bringing in almost all of the network’s soccer team, both domestic and international, to work for the European Championships. How well will they all work together? We will have to wait for June 7th to find out.