First, we had videos. Then subway cars, which was then followed by viral videos and street posters. Now the latest phase of NBC’s advertising campaign to increase awareness of the network’s launch of the Premier League on US television on August 17 features their ads on taxis that are driving through the streets of New York City.

In the above example (courtesy of @randy_j_kim), he got a ride home yesterday in a New York City cab. Half of it was black and white featuring the Newcastle United colors (and the ‘Keep Calm and Pick Newcastle United’ slogan), while the other half of the taxi was in red and white and advertised Sunderland FC.

Instagram user Susan Shek posted this image (see below) yesterday of a Newcastle/Sunderland taxi driving through the streets of New York City:

Presumably there are NYC taxis that promote the other rivalries in Premier League soccer including Manchester United/Manchester City, Arsenal/Spurs and Everton/Liverpool.

If you see any more taxis in New York City with the Premier League/NBC ads on them, e-mail them to me at thegaffer[at]worldsoccertalk[dot]com.

Thanks to World Soccer Talk reader Emmett for the news tip!