Zaragoza forward Ricardo Oliveira might be the player that earns the title of last-minute blockbuster transfer deal.   The Brazilian has every intention of returning to the Spanish top flight and according to local sources, the deal is pretty much done between the player and the Andalucian side, but we all have become familiar with those last-minute debacles that break a deal down.  Zaragoza might want more money so they can obtain much bally-hooed replacement Guilherme, thus is why they are waiting until the last minute to pull the trigger and finalize the deal.

Manuel Ruiz de Lopera was clear in his offer of seven million euros for half of Oliveira´s pass, now he waits for the final answer.  The big tie-up was in the way Betis was going to pay the fee to Los Maños.  Lopera was going to pay three up front and then the rest in four installments.  According to El Diario de Sevilla, this would leave a € 500,000 commission on the table.

For Betis this is the silver lining in a dark cloud that surrounded them this week as they were unable to score against Mallorca, thus ending their run in the Copa del Rey.   The elimination also made the cloud over coach Paco Chaparro, who might see his days on the verdiblanco bench numbered if his team does not beat Getafe this coming weekend.