Whether it’s NBC Universal or beIN SPORT that is the eventual winner of the US media rights to the Premier League for seasons 2013-16, the reality is that the soccer landscape in the United States will undergo changes.

What those changes are, and how that’ll benefit or reduce our Premier League viewing experience, we probably won’t know until next year. But what we do know is that FOX Soccer-ESPN will not be the rights owner for 2013-16.

The reported $83 million a year deal for three seasons is a US record for Premier League media rights. Neither NBC Universal or beIN SPORT is commenting right now regarding the news. But as soon as we hear anything, we’ll let you know.

Something to consider is that even if NBC Universal wins the rights, there’s always the chance that they may sublicense some of the matches to beIN SPORT (or other networks). It’s going to be up to the rights owner that wins the bidding to decide. And even if NBC Universal is the frontrunner, it’s still quite possible that beIN SPORT may win it.

Who do you want to be named as the new rights holder to the Premier League on US television?

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