Tomorrow morning’s British tabloids are jumping on the transfer gossip that Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata may be heading to Manchester United in a £37million deal. The Daily Telegraph has the exclusive. Meanwhile, the competition is trying not to get outdone, so they’ve added their own twist. The Daily Mirror says Manchester United deny the deal is onThe Daily Mail says Chelsea wants £40million to seal the deal, while Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville says he doesn’t see Mata fitting United’s philosophy.

While Manchester United are far less a competitor to Chelsea this season, I still don’t see this deal happening and I believe it’s just gossip trash to try to sell more newspapers during the transfer window. United may not be a threat this Premier League season, but selling Mata to United could come back to haunt Chelsea next season.

I could be wrong, but I just don’t see the deal happening unless United was willing to swap a star player to Jose Mourinho’s side, and I don’t see United giving up Wayne Rooney. The Daily Telegraph reporter admits that United haven’t made a bid yet, but that there is interest between both parties. I just don’t see this deal happening. Tt’s very speculative at the moment.

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