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Photo credit: AFP.

Photo credit: AFP.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has apologized to West Bromwich Albion boss Tony Pulis for his emotional outburst following last weekend’s fiery Premier League clash.

Klopp and Pulis had several heated exchanges on the touchline during the 2-2 draw at Anfield, and the Reds boss did not exchange the customary handshake with his opposite number at full-time. Speaking immediately after the match, Klopp said he had not shaken hands because “it was not a friendly game” and also criticized West Brom’s style of play.

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Pulis clearly was still unhappy with the German over the incident when he spoke to the media on Friday and argued Klopp’s criticism was to deflect attention from the Reds’ failings.

“We apologize. We actually played three longer passes in 99 minutes than what Liverpool played in that game,” Pulis said.

“But if I had a team that was worth £200 million, playing against a team that was worth less than £20 million and we never won that game, I’d be doing my best to divert it away from the fact that I had 10 times more value on the pitch than my opposition and couldn’t win.”

But, although Klopp learned of Pulis’ comments just before his weekly press conference on Friday, he decided not hit back and instead tried to make the peace. The former Borussia Dortmund boss insisted he had simply forgotten to shake hands in the heat of the moment as he went to his players to celebrate Liverpool’s late equalizer and thank the fans.

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“I can easily say sorry for everything I said during the game because I am very emotional, I think Tony Pulis is similar, and there were a few words. We were very close together,” Klopp told reporters.

“For me it was not a big problem but it was very intense and after the game I wanted to go to my team. Really I forgot to shake hands. That’s all.

“If we meet today, it would be no problem to say sorry and to shake hands, to have a talk about whatever. I have big respect for his work, no doubt about this.

“In that situation it was not easy to switch on the lamps and switch them off.”

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