Chelsea’s best chance of winning the Premier League title is in the hands of their cross-city rivals, Arsenal Football Club. If the Gunners can get one point against Man United in this Sunday’s match at Old Trafford, that will set up Chelsea for a possible last gasp title win.

Of course, there are still plenty of if’s involved even if Arsenal can draw or beat Manchester United this Sunday. Chelsea will need to defeat Man United on Saturday, April 26. That match is at Stamford Bridge where the Blues are undefeated in the league in four years. Besides that match and hoping that Arsenal draws Man United, Chelsea need to win the rest of their remaining matches in the league. Those matches are against Wigan, Everton, Newcastle and Bolton.

The way that Chelsea is playing lately, you wouldn’t count them on winning anything. That includes the Champions League and Premier League, but football is a unpredictable game at times. A few weeks ago, who would have thought that Man United’s two centrebacks would become injured (Vidic and Ferdinand)? And who would have predicted that Man United would have to come back to draw against Middlesbrough (although Boro continue to be a bogey side for the Red Devils)?

While the Premier League title is still in Man United’s hands, Chelsea has a golden opportunity to come from behind to lift the trophy. However, if Chelsea loses one match between now and the season, their chances of winning the 2007/2008 Premiership trophy will be very slim.

Can EPL Talk’s prediction that Chelsea may be closer to winning the title than you think come true? We’ll see.