For those of you who’ll be in South Florida this weekend, I’d like to invite you to an important meeting with Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber.

The meeting begins at 1pm Saturday, January 8th in Fort Lauderdale. Commissioner Garber will be there to meet with Miami Ultras and soccer fans who are interested in bringing a MLS team back to South Florida.

As much as EPL Talk sneers at Major League Soccer from time to time, we support a domestic league and would love to see more teams sprout up across the United States. Being able to continue watching Premier League matches on television and then take my family to see a real, live game in our area would be a dream come true. South Florida deserves a MLS team. We have an incredible population of soccer aficionados. But we need to make sure our voice is heard and the first step is by showing Don Garber tomorrow that we care and we desperately want a team down here.

I realize this is an English Premier League blog and the vast majority of readers are not from South Florida, but this is a topic I strongly believe in. For more input regarding my views, read my story on our sister site MLS Talk.

The meeting with Garber will be held at 3030 Restaurant at Marriot Harbour Beach Hotel, 3030 Holiday Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. Please try to arrive there before 1pm.

I hope to see you there!