Before playing Arsenal, former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor said Arsenal supporters are “not real fans.”

“What is good at City is the fans. They love you. Arsenal have a lot of fans who are not fans,” Adebayor said. “Arsenal have fans from America and Jamaica. Today they are Arsenal fans, tomorrow they will be Liverpool fans, after tomorrow they will be Manchester United fans.

“If you boo your player every weekend, I am very sorry, you are not true fans. It hurt me a lot. That was the most difficult moment of my career.”

Ah, the uncritical ravings of a narcissist.

Football fans are the least judgmental segment of the population. They will forgive nearly everything short of murder and rape. Even rape might be forgiven in time.

They only ask the player to feign loyalty and to give his best effort. Emmanuel Adebayor did neither.

After scoring 30 goals in 2007-08, Emmanuel Adebayor and his agent tried to engineer his departure. He was disingenuous, stating one story on TV, then saying the exact opposite to reporters with the cameras off. He was not loyal.

Adebayor was not transferred. Arsenal doubled his salary to £80,000 per week. He then loafed through the 2008-09 season, scoring only 10 goals in the league. He gave so little effort, the club invented an injury to bench him at the end of the season.

Emmanuel Adebayor complains of fans with tenuous loyalties. Fans could make the identical complaint about him, and unlike Adebayor they have evidence.

Manchester City have good fans, who cheer him now. When they don’t qualify for the Champions League and Adebayor’s agent tries to engineer a move next summer, they will boo him, as good fans should.