The next two weeks will have a crucial impact on whether Arsenal’s prolific striker will be staying at Arsenal.

Today, the Gunners face Manchester City away at 2:45pm ET (live on Fox Soccer Channel). If Arsenal can win today’s match, the two biggest hurdles for the North Londoners will be Sunday’s match at home against Wigan and the Champions League Final on May 17.

If Arsenal win today and Spurs win on Sunday, the Gunners will have to hope that they can beat Barcelona in the Champions League Final in order to play in the Champions League next year. Otherwise, they’ll end up in the UEFA Cup. And I don’t see Thierry Henry sticking around for that, even if the club is moving to a new stadium this summer.

The next two weeks will be very suspenseful. Given Arsenal’s current form, they should defeat Man City today and Wigan on Sunday. Spurs, meanwhile, have a London derby against West Ham on Sunday — not an easy match by any means.

My prediction: If Spurs win on Sunday against West Ham and Barcelona defeat Arsenal, Henry will be gone.