Sheffield United may be under new ownership when it starts next season as an American group works to take over. The Blades finished as the bottom club in the Premier League in 2023/24 upon a return to the top flight. Traditionally, that leads to financial challenges for clubs as they instantly work to regain Premier League status.

However, The Telegraph is reporting that an American consortium of investors has submitted a request to the EFL to buy Sheffield United. Private investors based out of Silicon Valley submitted their plans to the English Football League. In doing so, the governing body can begin checking the group of investors to ensure they are fit enough to oversee a club of Sheffield United’s size. The EFL recently strengthened the tests to ensure potential owners are effective. This promotes longevity and financial security for clubs in the top divisions.

Talks have accelerated in recent weeks between Sheffield United’s current owner and the American group. Saudi Prince Abdullah is ready to move on from Sheffield United with the Silicon Valley group ready to pay hefty sums of money. Initial reports indicate the American group will pay around $128 million for Sheffield United. Although that is a low fee, this is a Sheffield United side that is playing in the EFL Championship next season. It is a similar cost to what the 49ers Group spent on Leeds United upon their ownership change.

American ownership: Sheffield United is latest in EFL

Prior to owning the Bramall Lane club, Americans had ties to many clubs in the English Football League. For reference, there are 29 teams that list an American or American group in their ownership. Granted, that boils down to different levels of ownership. For example, Stan Kroenke owns all of Arsenal, while Mark Attanasio only owns 18% of Norwich City. Regardless, Americans scatter across the EFL, and the list continues to grow.

With Sheffield United, that ownership stake is for the entire club. The group wanted to purchase Sheffield United before last season when it returned to the Premier League. That failed to come to fruition. Now, perhaps cheaper as a result of the relegation, the Americans are back in the buyer’s circle.

The logical steps now focus on ensuring the consortium can run Sheffield United effectively. To ensure a deal gets over the line, members of the investment group have made their way to England to increase the speed of the deal. Prince Abdullah had been in conversations with other parties over a sale of Sheffield United, but those all fell through. This takeover, though, seems far more likely.

The new owners would face a major task in providing success to Sheffield United. Prior to finishing last in the Premier League, the Blades were second in the Championship. Yet, many of the players of last season will not be around. Premier League clubs may poach some of the standout performers, and the club must deal with a smaller budget. Even though the parachute payments of the Premier League will help, the American ownership group in line for Sheffield United will be under the microscope.