Fifty seven percent of Mexico fans who responded to a poll in the Reforma newspaper blame the referee for El Tri’s elimination from World Cup 2014.

The majority of Mexico fans believe that Portuguese referee Pedro Proenca was to blame. The referee “bought” Arjen Robben’s dive after the Dutch player tripped over Rafa Marquez’s outstretched foot.

Meanwhile, 22% of the poll respondents blame the players, 6% blame the Netherlands and 5% blame Miguel Herrera.

In a subsequent poll that was published in the newspaper, Mexico fans answered the question regarding whether Arjen Robben dived or not.

Not surprisingly, 79% of Mexico fans believe that the referee should not have blown his whistle for a penalty against Mexico after Robben dived in the second half. But there was 18% of the respondents who did believe it was a correctly awarded decision.

Mexico fans were also asked to rate whether the refereeing during the World Cup was good, bad or indifferent during Mexico’s four World Cup games. Here’s what they said:

Mexico vs Cameroon — 9% good, 18% indifferent and 72% bad

Mexico vs Brazil — 49% good, 42% indifferent and 9% bad

Mexico vs Croatia — 25% good, 39% indifferent and 36% bad

Mexico vs Holland — 10% bad, 32% indifferent and 57% bad.