FOX Sports 2, generally known as FS2, is the secondary sports channel in the FOX family of channels. Just like its sister channel, FS1, this channel is a sports-first location. It airs live broadcasts of various sports and also hosts studio shows for debate and discussion.

Unfortunately for soccer fans, FS2 predominantly broadcasts American sports rather than the beautiful game. Additionally, FS2 does not have necessarily ‘dedicated’ content for the channel. Essentially, many of the programs that make up most of the scheduling are reruns from FS1.

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Moreover, boxing press conferences and fights, motorsports and Australian Rules Football dominate the schedule. In fact, FS2 is seen as somewhat of a hub for the sport, sharing content with the paid-service FOX Soccer Plus.

Outside of those unorthodox sports for American audiences, FOX uses the channel to help with overflow content. If there are back-to-back American football games scheduled on FS1, there is a chance of the first game running over its allotted time. In that case, the second game starts on the secondary channel while the first game finishes up.

FS2, due to its relation to FS1 and FOX, is an English channel. Seldom are Spanish broadcasts heard, with those usually available elsewhere for sporting events.

To watch the channel, there are a number of ways. Streaming TV now dominates the media landscape, and all the major players include the channel in their packages. Hulu with live TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV and AT&T TV all feature the channel. DISH and DirecTV, both satellite providers, also carry FS2. Cable packages may require an additional sports package to acquire the channel.

FS2 and Soccer

Primarily, FS2 gets the overflow content from the other channels in the FOX family. Soccer games rarely get scheduled for the secondary channel. Regardless, FOX does hold the rights to a number of tournaments and competitions that could appear on FS2 for that reason.

Starting off, FOX’s prize media entity right now is the FIFA World Cup rights. FOX acquired the rights in 2015, granting them exclusive American coverage of three Women’s World Cups and three men’s World Cups. If there were ever times when the scheduling would come across a conflict, FS2 would see usage in that regard.

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    Occasionally, Liga MX or MLS matches also make their way over to the secondary channel. FOX holds the partial rights to the MLS with ESPN, and select teams or game frequently see airtime on the FOX network.

    Soccer Channels

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