CBS Sports Network may not be people’s first thought when they think of soccer coverage. However, in recent years, the CBS family of channels and services increased their investment into the beautiful game.

The actual channel here is not one dedicated to solely to soccer. In fact, soccer does not take up too much of the run time at all. CBS Sports Network rather focuses on sports it believes Americans will care about. Therefore, a lot of commentary and studio shows take up time. “Boomer and Gio”, the “Jim Rome Show” and “Tiki and Tierney” are talk shows that focus on American football and other sports. College football also appears on the weekends most of the time.

However, we do see soccer content on the channel. Additionally, when soccer does appear on the schedule, it often involves major games, leagues or shows.

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First off, let’s break down how you can watch CBS Sports Network. Cable providers often require an advanced package to access the channel. It falls into the same category as league-specific channels such as NFL Network, NBA TV and MLB Network. That being said, there are other ways to gain access to the channel.

In their base packages, DirecTV and DISH will provide access to the channel. Then, streaming services, which now dominate the media landscape, also provide access. Still, it is not a guarantee that every streaming service carries the channel. For example, Sling does not have CBS Sports Network. However, fuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu and others do carry the channel.

This is an English-based channel in the United States, with little to no Spanish coverage directly.

Soccer coverage on CBS Sports Network

The UEFA Champions League, CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying and the Gold Cup, the NWSL and Serie A are just a few of the competitions on the channel. Granted, every game from each of these leagues is not available directly on the channel. Still, notable games, shows and events make appearances each week.

To start, the Golazo! Show, a whip-around style show for the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, comes on the channel every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. CBS only acquired the rights to UEFA’s biggest competitions during the 2019/20 season. Since then, the channel put together one of the best studio crews for soccer coverage.

On that topic, CBS splits games with FOX and ESPN for CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying. The pregame show for CBS Sports Network also dons a fan-favorite crew.

Upcoming Matches on CBS Sports Network:

    One more league that CBS really pushes is the NWSL. The growth of the women’s game runs through the United States. Therefore, it is only fitting to have one of the premier women’s soccer leagues in the world in the country. CBS Sports Network regularly airs live broadcasts of NWSL games from throughout the country, including the six-team playoff tournament. A number of USWNT players play in this league, making it the must-watch women’s league for American fans.

    Finally, CBS acquired the rights to Serie A ahead of the 2021/22 season. CBS Sports Network occasionally has games, but all games can be streamed through the paid-streaming service Paramount+. The linear channel also has studio shows. Notably, “Serie A Full Impact” provides highlights and goals from the prior matchday that fans may have missed.

    Essentially, CBS Sports Network is already key player in the overall world of soccer media.

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