Soccer across the UK resumes early next week across all competitions. Earlier this week, soccer leagues in the country suspended matches due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.

Games remain postponed on Monday, including Monday’s Leeds game against Nottingham Forest. However, scheduled matches return to action the following day. This does not include Premier League games. Instead, there are 30 matches scheduled on Tuesday across the Championship, League One and League Two.

“The expectation domestically is that the EFL will return on Tuesday and Wednesday,” claimed Sky Sports Senior Reporter Geraint Hughes.  “It’s a big week next week as there’s a full program on Tuesday and Wednesday.  There are caveats to this as we’re still awaiting the date of The Queen’s funeral.”

“It will be a state funeral so it’ll be an enormous national and international event which will take a lot of resourcing and a lot of those resources may be needed for sporting events.”

Soccer in the UK resumes on Tuesday

As far as Premier League clubs’ concerns, most teams remain sidelined until Friday, Sep. 16. Currently, there are no plans set out for makeup dates for the fixtures. However, it is a challenge to be had for the Premier League, which already has a loaded schedule of games with a two-month break for the World Cup.

Adding to that challenge is the Champions League, as well as the Europa League and Europa Conference League. EPL clubs involved in those tournaments have standard games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

“UEFA-wise, a lot of matches next week involve British clubs with Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Europa League and Europa Conference League on Thursday,” continued Hughes. “As it stands, the understanding from UEFA is that those games will go ahead.”

Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Celtic and Rangers are all playing Champions League matches on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Meanwhile Arsenal, Manchester United, West Ham and Hearts resume their European tournaments on Thursday.

UEFA essentially needs these European matches to transpire next week. The World Cup in Qatar affected fixture lists all over the world, especially in Europe. Normally held during the summer months, this version of the World Cup takes place in November and December.

There are two Premier League games currently scheduled for Friday.  Aston Villa host Southampton, while Fulham travel to play Nottingham Forest.

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