It seems that no one gets as upset about Liverpool FC as much as some Liverpool supporters themselves do.

Of course, this refers to the multitude of those on social media that always find something to complain about. For example, the fan channels on YouTube and their monster followings echo plenty of frustration at the decisions the club makes. Just like with other clubs, divisiveness can permeate into a club despite, in Liverpool’s case, perhaps the greatest squad in the vaunted history of the Reds.

Most fans aim this spite at the club’s American owners – Fenway Sports Group (FSG) – and their scouting and transfer policies. The aim of this is to achieve both financial and on-field success. Recently, this structure served a key role in rescuing the club out of near-bankruptcy. Plus, the Reds now emerge as one of England’s elite as well as one of the best clubs in Europe, challenging each season. Despite this, fans appear to hate this very structure.

Liverpool supporters’ unwarranted frustration

Oftentimes, the whining and complaining proves to be misplaced. Even then, certain LFC fans spin the issue against the owners, putting the club in a negative light. For example, take the Mohamed Salah contract saga. Over the last 18 months, Liverpool supporters chanted on Twitter how the Egyptian is irreplaceable. Essentially, they asked the club to pay Salah anything he wants. However, after Liverpool made Salah the highest-paid player in the history of the club, the narrative shifted. Fans said they wanted to keep Sadio Mané for a cheaper price instead of Salah.

Take a look back prior to this past season. The fans feared that a failure to strengthen the front line bore consequences. In fact, some foresaw a slide down in the table to mediocrity. They cited rivals Chelsea and Manchester City acquiring new players for over $100 million. Meanwhile, Liverpool relied on Divock Origi and Takumi Minamino. They wrote off the season before it started. One would think the fans would provide Jurgen Klopp a sense of respect and joy. After all, he guided the side to two trophies and runner-up finishes in the league and Champions League. Moreover, he did this without the ‘necessary’ depth and strength Chelsea and Manchester City brought on.

No. Suddenly, that haul of success from this past season, which featured another season amounting 90 points in the league, is shameful. Now, the sale of Takumi Minamino shows the much-maligned Japanese international played a key role in the squad. A player who did not properly serve the depth a year ago should not be sold, by their logic.

Stirring the pot

I totally get it. Many of these fan channels need clicks and views to make a living. Putting everything in a positive light does not meet those demands. However, the negativity aimed at certain players is simply unnecessary. The theory that more spending equates to more trophies and that FSG holds the club back makes me, a Liverpool supporter, frustrated with the fanbase.

Nothing is ever guaranteed in the sport, regardless of who the boss is or who the club signs. We see it time and time again. Big signings fail, managers choke and clubs fall apart. All the while, the roster, at least on paper, has no blemishes or weaknesses.

So if you are one of those Liverpool fans now damning the owners for not signing the midfielder that you feel they need to win a trophy this season, take a second to look at the club’s achievements over the last six seasons, take a deep breath, get behind every player that lines up on the opening day and just enjoy the ride.

PHOTO: Danny Lawson/PA Images via Getty Images