Everyone has an opinion on what the best soccer stadium in the world is.

Some say it is where their favorite club plays, others prefer national stadiums. Frankly, there is good reason to support one or the other in that regard. For instance, club stadiums have an incomparable atmosphere and history. Take a club like Liverpool. The atmosphere from the Kop End stands out among Premier League fans, regardless of what they think of their red rival.

Or, look at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu and Barcelona’s Camp Nou. Few stadiums have the acclaim of such historical sides. Additionally, those stadiums have somewhat recent experience hosting Champions League Finals.

Generally speaking, those major finals, at both the club and international level, take place at stadiums not reserved for a single club. Instead, they are national stadiums. Among the most famous in that category are Wembley Stadium in London. Yes, this stadium recently housed Tottenham Hotspur while its new stadium was under construction. However, Wembley is more famous for its towering arch being the backdrop for Champions League and European Championship Finals.

Same goes for stadiums like the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro or the Stade de France in Paris. While these stadiums feature club teams, they are more recognizable for the international game.

The best soccer stadium in the world?

When you hear that question, what pops into your head? In thinking, consider a number of factors. Things like capacity or atmosphere certainly play a role. When watching a game, either in person or on TV, the crowd noise makes a difference. However, also consider general ambience. Take a stadium like Estadio BBVA in Monterrey, Mexico. This stadium has perhaps the best backdrop in the world. Stadium designers built the ground so that fans can see through the opening in the roof at Cera de la Silla Mountain.

Is it the most electric atmosphere in the sport? Probably not. However, that combination could help you whittle down your answer to just one stadium.

PHOTO: Buda Mendes/LatinContent via Getty Images