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Italy need win against Faroe Islands as Serbia looms large

Posted on by Niccolo Conte

Now that Italy have won their first match of the EURO 2012 qualifiers against Estonia, it’s time to look ahead. The group which Italy have been put in isn’t difficult, but it could cause some unexpected results and slip-ups if … Continue reading

Koman Coulibaly Not Refereeing Any More 2010 World Cup Games

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Referee Koman Coulibay, who made the controversial decision to disallow a United States goal against Slovenia, says he does not believe he’ll be refereeing any more games in the 2010 World Cup. In an exclusive interview with ESPN Radio, Coulibay … Continue reading

The Capello Show: Video of Fabio On England's Bench Against Slovenia

Posted on by Christopher Harris

It’s seldom that a highlights video is laugh-out-loud funny, but this compilation video showing Fabio Capello and his reaction to England’s performance against Slovenia in the World Cup made me guffaw several times. The best moments include Stuart Pearce. So … Continue reading

England 1-0 Slovenia: Played Out In Lego Football

Posted on by Christopher Harris

In what is becoming one of my most favorite series of viral videos this World Cup, here’s the next installment of Lego Football which features the highlights of England against Slovenia in beautiful stop-motion Lego graphics. And how good is … Continue reading

RTE Analysis of England v Slovenia Calls 3 Lions Performance Shocking

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Irish broadcasting company RTE delivered heavy criticism against the performance of the England side against Slovenia Wednesday night. In the analysis (see above video), pundits Eamon Dunphy, Johnny Giles and Ronnie Whelan were very critical regarding the England team’s performance … Continue reading

John Terry Defends Slovenia Shot With Diving Header: Video

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Out of all of the soccer games you’ve seen in person or on television, how many times have you seen a player move his head out of the way to avoid getting pummeled by a shot that looks like it’s … Continue reading

England 1-0 Slovenia: Defoe's Goal: Video

Posted on by Christopher Harris

For England supporters who can’t get enough of seeing how England scored the goal against Slovenia today in the 2010 World Cup, here is the video replay of the goal scored by Jermain Defoe. And what a beautiful cross it … Continue reading

England 1-0 Slovenia: Three Lions Qualify for Second Round

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Jermain Defoe is the hero in England today after he scored the only goal of the game that helped England move into the second round of the 2010 World Cup. In a game that England dominated, despite some good chances … Continue reading

England v Slovenia, World Cup 2010: Open Thread

Posted on by Christopher Harris

It all comes down to this. Ninety minutes in Port Elizabeth. England against Slovenia in a must-win World Cup game for Fabio Capello’s team. Before, during and after the match, post your comments, questions or observations in the section below. … Continue reading

World Cup 2010 Poll: Who Will Advance From Group C?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

When the draw for Group C was named in December, little did we know how difficult it would be to predict who would advance and how close the race was going to be on the final day of the first … Continue reading

Who Would You Start If You Were Fabio Capello?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

You’re Fabio Capello and it’s the night before one of the biggest games of your career where your name is on the line and you have millions of England fans putting the pressure on you to make the correct decisions. … Continue reading

England Fans: Underestimate The Opposition At Your Peril

Posted on by John Nicholson

If you support England, how are you feeling right now? The next 24 hours or so are a test of everyone’s bottle. Some England fans tend to think this is a unique condition that afflicts them only but it’s the … Continue reading

ESPN's Adrian Healey Confuses Slovakia with Slovenia

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Looking at the ESPN’s team of commentators for the 2010 World Cup TV coverage, we knew ahead of time that Adrian Healey and John Harkes were the weakest links in a team that features some of the best commentators in … Continue reading Conveniently Ignores Referee Koman Coulibaly Mistake

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Visit FIFA’s official website to watch the highlights of the World Cup game between Slovenia and the United States today, and you’ll see that in the two minute highlight video, FIFA shows exactly zero seconds of the controversial free kick incident … Continue reading

Koman Coulibaly Disallows USA World Cup Goal: Video

Posted on by Christopher Harris

US soccer fans and players must feel pretty cheated today after referee Koman Coulibaly disallowed a perfectly fine goal by US player Maurice Edu. Watch the video evidence above. So far, all of the analysis of the USA against Slovenia … Continue reading

Koman Coulibaly Denies US Win Against Slovenia: In Pictures

Posted on by Christopher Harris

The most hated man in America today is referee Koman Coulibaly who denied the US a certain goal which would have been the game winner against Slovenia. However, Coulibaly, a referee from Mali, called for a foul. It was one … Continue reading

USA Stuns Slovenia With Comeback, But Undone by Poor Ref Decision

Posted on by Christopher Harris

What an incredible game today at Ellis Park in South Africa between Slovenia and the United States. In a match that was a game of two halves for the United States, the Americans looked so poor in the first half … Continue reading

USA v Slovenia, World Cup 2010: Open Thread

Posted on by Christopher Harris

This is the game that matters the most for the United States. The team needs to send a message to the rest of the world that the 1-1 draw against England wasn’t a fluke. Here’s a game that has the … Continue reading