1. De-Fone-It-In (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 26

      Return of the forgotten strikers this weekend as they sail on the ripples of successful teammates: Jermaine and Nando both grabbing goals during tricky wins for London sides. SAS also made a gun-toting, hooting and hollering return to the … Continue reading

  2. SPURned (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 19

    Opportunities and goals all over the Premier League, just not evenly shared as sides get brushed aside or fail to make an impression at all. Managers on the end and Steve Clarke is over it as AVB reiterates the idea … Continue reading

  3. Combinations (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 18

    When it comes to combinations the pod look at the best and worst of the last week: Moyes- United. USA-Germany-Ghana-Portugal. Does it get much better for football? Whatever your opinion on the draw and the weekend of football which followed … Continue reading

  4. A few feet (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 16

    How much difference can a few feet really make to a performance? Apparently, about 6 difference…so let’s talk about City and their great run of home games where things have gone very well. Tactical or a size issue? AVB was … Continue reading

  5. Break This (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

    EPL Talk Podcast 15

    International break has served us so well, as we finally have the World Cup roster decided! What a time for football and Brazil. To celebrate, the pod get together and chat about World football, EPL and Europe. What did you … Continue reading