Alexi Lalas And Brad Friedel Close to Joining FOX Sports, Says Source


UPDATE (December 9, 2014): FOX Sports has confirmed that Brad Friedel will join the broadcaster as an analyst in 2015.

FOX Sports is close to finalizing deals to acquire Alexi Lalas and Brad Friedel as its newest soccer analysts, says a World Soccer Talk source.

If finalized, the move to acquire the talents of Lalas and Friedel will bolster FOX’s soccer coverage, where the two former US Men’s National Team players can lend their expertise to FOX Sports’ coverage of MLS and select US games (beginning in 2015), as well as coverage of the UEFA Champions League and, of course, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar in addition to the possibility of working the 2015 and 2019 Women’s World Cup tournaments.

A FOX Sports spokesperson declined to comment regarding the news. ESPN was reached for comment, where a spokesperson said “We are currently in negotiation with Alexi Lalas about his future with ESPN. We are hopeful he will remain with us.”

World Soccer Talk understands that Lalas’ contract with ESPN expires near the end of 2014, so the timing of a deal with FOX could be fortuitous to Lalas and FOX Sports in order to start 2015 on a strong note. Lalas lives in Los Angeles, where the FOX Sports studios are based.

The prospect of Friedel and Lalas joining FOX Sports means that the network could feature four former USMNT stars as talent, joining Eric Wynalda and Brian McBride in studio.

Friedel has appeared on FOX Sports several times in the past as a guest analyst. For example, during the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final, Friedel was in the studio at Wembley Stadium alongside Curt Menefee and Eric Wynalda for the network’s coverage of Barcelona against Manchester United.

Friedel is currently the third string goalkeeper at Tottenham Hotspur, and is an ambassador for the club. His 2014/15 Premier League season is expected to be his final one as a professional athlete.

20 thoughts on “Alexi Lalas And Brad Friedel Close to Joining FOX Sports, Says Source”

  1. Friedel is an obvious Fox hire but Lalas may be an indication that they intend to copy the ESPN blueprint. It will be Brandi Chastain next as their Julie Foudy. Warren Barton is a poor man’s McManaman. The crucial decision is the main match commentator. Please let it be Jon Champion.

  2. Fox is playing it safe… Friedel is credible as a limited analyst.. Lalas feeds to the USA only braw crowd….

    Most real footy fans couldn’t give a monkeys who the pre/post game guys are.. Either we watch or we don’t..

    Bigger concern is the commentator.. That decision will drive whether I’m watching Fox or ITV or streaming some other world feed.. Plain and simple, I have options, so it’s up to Fox to make it attractive to watch their coverage.

    Every day it’s easier and easier to get internet subscriptions or streams to the coverage that the consumer wants.


  3. If Fox is going to broadcast the World Cup, they have to get Alexi. When I think of people analyzing US soccer, the first person that comes to mind is Alexi. I enjoy Alexi and Taylor Twellman on ESPN but if Fox is serious about the World Cup, signing Alexi is a must.

  4. I dont get the Lalas hate. He at one point was an American soccer homer but for the most part will tell it like it is. He has strong views and is very opinionated so maybe thats why people hate him but for just as many people who dislike him there are plenty that love him as well. I say good hire by Fox.

    1. His analysis in a nutshell consists of “set pieces” and “wanting it more”. And starting arguments with analysts far more knowledgeable.


  5. Can’t we have any shows that are more fun, and not so commentary-driven? Soccer is a fun sport, and they should be out interviewing players, showing leagues, etc. I don’t want to watch boring commentators try to break down formations for an hour or two. Boooorrriiiinnnggg.

  6. Cantona says ( really he would be embrassed that you used his name!!) and goatslookshifty (well your name says it all) you are both morons go read a book on football or better yet my 3 yr old has more knowledge, will happily school you. Say something that shows you have some knowledge of the game. Did any of you listen to the world cup commentary from Brad Friedel ??!!
    rkujay, you are a FOOL .

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