UEFA Champions League and League Cup: Open Thread


There’s no rest for the wicked with Manchester United, Celtic, Millwall, Porto and other clubs playing today in mid-week action in the League Cup and UEFA Champions League.

For viewers in the US, the TV/Internet schedule is:

MK Dons vs Manchester United (League Cup), 3pm, beIN SPORTS and DishWorld
Millwall vs Southampton (League Cup), 2:45pm, beIN SPORTS Connect
Celtic vs Maribor (UEFA Champions League playoff, 2nd leg), 2:45pm, FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports Go
Porto vs Lille (UEFA Champions League playoff, 2nd leg), 2:45pm, FOX Sports 2 and FOX Sports Go

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

25 thoughts on “UEFA Champions League and League Cup: Open Thread”

  1. I am DVR’ing the United match on Bein.. Who is commentating?? I may have to find a radio feed of they use the in house guys in Miami.

  2. Watching Celtic v Maribor in English on Fox Sports 1 HD. Refuse to watch Manchester United v MK Dons in Spanish on Bein Spanish. Why don’t Comcast get it that 95 percent of Minnesotans speak English and want the English version of the channel. Idiots.

  3. Shocking that was the first yellow card. The Dons have been shirt pulling, diving in, and have concussed one of our players already.

  4. After the desperate attempt of UEFA to put Celtic through to the Champtions League, we were all Maribor!

    And Maribor is through! There is a God!

    That sad, pathetic, talentless Celtic team does not belong in the Champions League! Justice has been served!!!

    As to Manchester United, it’s like speaking about a dead person: either good or nothing…

  5. As a Newcastle supporter I’d like to thank the Dons for making sure I won’t have to hear the words “Hereford United” again…

  6. That’s embarrassing to have 7 internationals in your team and lose 4-0 to a third tier team. Embarrassing even for a mid-table top-tier team like United.

    1. That team had 1 starting player and that’s the GK.
      Hernandez, Welbeck, and Anderson have been told they can leave so no effort was put out on their part.
      That whole team was with filled with Kids and saying 7 internationals sugar coats it because only Kagawa starts for his country. Hernandez is on the bench for club and Country and the same for Welbeck.
      Evans just came back from injury to.
      They beat a team filled with Kids and players that won’t be playing at the club.
      What was poor was the manager letting players that are leaving the club play andthat’s the aforementioned trio.
      The back 5 excluding Evans were in the range of 20-22.
      Vermijl isn’t a CB either he’s a RB. One team looked like seasoned professionalsand the other was filled with kids.
      Of course no thought will be put in to who was playing but rather the name of United.
      We lost to West Ham 4-0 at Old Trafford back in 2010 with Carlton Cole destroying Johnny Evans along with the American guy Spector and that team had more seasoned pros playing.

      1. Clutching at straws. Call this what it is. A straight up embarrassment against minnows that the likes of Moyes would have struggled to survive. LVG has time but the knives will be out now. How long before another banner?

        1. Speaking of banners, I think a banner at the Etihad mocking the one that was up at Trafford til 2011 is in order.

        2. Moyes had the benefit of Vidic and Rio both of whom he ostracized from the club. Rio had to go but Vidic never did.
          I used to go to every home game in the prem before I moved to the states so I can tell you no knives will be out.
          The guy didn’t win until his 4th match All the United fans in Manchester backed Moyes. He was not good enough but he got a fair shake. Is it out of fashion to believe in managers nowadays?
          Real Madrid took 4 points from 4 games in Mourinho’s final season and even they didn’t sack him.
          Instant success is what it’s all about now.
          You’ve said it’s a straw man argument yet you’ve made no counter points.
          Crystal Palace won at OT in the 2012 League Cup.
          As I said the manager should take blame for fielding players that will be sold.
          What Banner are you referencing?

          1. My point is simply stop making excuses. This is a humiliating defeat. That you have forgotten the Moyes out banner already says it all.

          2. A defeat that featured Saidy Janko, James Wilson, Andreas Pereira, Reece James, Marnick Vermijl, Michael Keane, Nick Powell, Anderson(He only plays the cup games), and Januzaj who came from the reserveslast season. That’s 7 players from the reserves not including Januzaj and Anderson.
            Those 7 have a combined 14 Senior appearances for the team with Nick Powell the most at 5 appearances.
            That’s why this is the same and no different to any of our recent LC/COC exits.
            On Banners the banner should get out up if LVG ever says things like “Aspire to be like City” or “Liverpool are the favorites at Old Trafford”. That’s when a banner should get out up.

  7. Louis van Gaal seemed more interested in signing autographs after the game instead of shaking MK Dons manager Carl Robinson’s hand.

    1. I missed the part where he didn’t go over to shake the hand of the other manager. I thought he had already done it and then started signing autographs. Terrible sportsmanship if true.

  8. Di Maria just screamed at his agent and caught the last flight back to Spain. Van Gaal was seen in a local pub reading the Ajax employment pages.

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