West Bromwich Albion Unveil Controversial Home Shirt For 2014/15: Official [PHOTOS]

West Bromwich Albion have unveiled their new home shirt for the 2014/15 season.

Out of all of the shirt designs unveiled thus far for Premier League clubs, this one is bound to generate the most controversy.

Reason being is that West Brom and adidas have eliminated the famous navy blue and white stripes that have been worn by the team since 1889 (except for 1942-47 when they wore blue shirts). That’s 120 years of history of the Baggies wearing the famous and iconic shirts.

As you can see above and below, West Brom have changed the shirt design by featuring navy blue pinstripes on the front and back of the shirt, while the shoulders retain the more familiar WBA design and colors.

Before today, if you hadn’t seen West Brom’s home shirt and the club crest was removed from the shirt, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that this was West Brom’s jersey for the 2014/15 season. And that’s the problem. It could have been any club from around the world.

By redesigning the shirt, adidas and the club have removed the soul from West Bromwich Albion.

By itself, without the history and memories, the shirt design is elegant, clean and modern. If this was designed for a brand-new MLS or A-League team, it would be one thing. But adidas and the club have ripped the soul out of 120 years of history by forcing this on the fans of the club.

West Bromwich Albion have already predicted the backlash by announcing that “a more traditional navy-blue-and-white-striped shirt will return for 2015/16,” which makes you wonder why are they embarking on this one year experiment. Could it be to satisfy their new American shirt sponsor by featuring a shirt design that works better with the sponsor’s logo?

11 thoughts on “West Bromwich Albion Unveil Controversial Home Shirt For 2014/15: Official [PHOTOS]”

  1. “By redesigning the shirt, adidas and the club have removed the soul from West Bromwich Albion.”

    Yeah…you need to calm down. They didn’t even get rid of the stripes, just made them very thin for one year. I’m curious the level of hyperbole you would have used if they switched to hoops…

  2. I don’t know who you support Kevin – but I’m guessing from your patronising comments that it’s not the Albion. Well I do, and have done so for 50 years. In all that time proper blue and white stripes have been the colours of my team. I certainly don’t want to see them turning out as some sort of Bolton lookalikes.

    But then again, who am I ? Just an ordinary fan who week in week out follows his team. However, when the hyperbole bubble has eventually burst, and football is back again with real fans, then it will be the likes of me, and the good people of Cardiff, Hull, Southampton etc. who will pick up the pieces.

    1. “In all that time proper blue and white stripes have been the colours of my team.”

      I’m sorry this shirt doesn’t meet your definition of “proper”, since that’s the only word in that statement that doesn’t match the new WBA shirt. The colours are the same. There are still vertical stripes. I’m sorry that I can’t get worked up about a one year change in the thickness of the stripes.

      I love the other teams you compare yourself to, like your situations are equivalent. “They temporarily changed the thickness of our stripes” is not the same as “They changed our colours” (Cardiff) or “They want to change our team name” (Hull).

  3. Oh, see I clicked on this expecting to see an editorial about how SAP is a far superior product than anything Quickbooks puts out there. Eh…different customer bases I guess.

    1. But the fans don’t want a modern shirt, they want the traditional design they have had for over a century. It is the club identity.

      1. Because the stripes aint as large as before? be real, albion need a change and the kit looks quite good its just ‘typical fake albion fans’ who want there say disrespecting the club :)

  4. I could not care less about West Brom Albion but that is a nice jersey design. I guess they are proud of their traditions and mediocrity and don’t want either one changed.

  5. Another boring, anonymous Adidas template. This shirt screams “clearance rack” more than “WBA” Even the “no smoking” advertisement of the mid-80’s can’t save this one.

    Sorry baggies supporters, you got boned.


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