New World Cup T-Shirts From Futbola Culture; A Soccer T-Shirt Company Making a Big Difference

To commemorate this most extraordinary of World Cups, soccer clothing startup Futbola Culture have launched a line of special edition t-shirts, available in the US.

Proceeds from one of the shirts help to fund non-profit organization YALLA.

According to the two organizations, the t-shirt represents “the global power of soccer to unite us all for a great cause”.

The white tee, with a yellow-and-green design, is inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue. Directly funding YALLA’s soccer, education and eco-therapy programs, it can be found at

The rest of Futbola Culture’s range is at

Only two years after starting its t-shirt collection, Futbola Culture is making waves. The brainchild of three brothers, whose South American roots provide a backdrop for their love of soccer, its designs are different, simple and cool.

The shirts range from abstract designs of futbol-esque scenery to depictions of people, music, history and art. They blend concepts and elements of futbol to form a simple, designer-like product, each having separate meaning.

As a nice alternative to typical soccer tees, these high-quality, fashion-cut shirts are suitable as lifestyle wear.

With a fierce passion for soccer and an eye-catching style, Futbola Culture have carved a niche boutique brand, underlined by an original flavor. Above all, the founders declare their ethos to be one “dedicated to the game’s worldwide impact on fans at all levels”.

Meanwhile, YALLA is a non-profit organization, also based in San Diego, California. They provide free after-school tutoring and soccer training for child survivors of war.

YALLA, an acronym for Youth and Leaders Living Actively, is also an Arabic word, meaning “let’s go”. Fittingly, the mission of YALLA is to use soccer as a vehicle to get immigrant and refugee youth to college.

For more information about YALLA’s work, visit

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