Neymar Confident Brazil Will Make Him a World Champion

Brazil’s superstar Neymar was ruled out of the World Cup on Friday after sustaining an injury late on in the 2-1 victory over Colombia. The FC Barcelona man who has been among the most influential players in this World Cup has put the ultimate faith in his teammates. He has been diagnosed with a fractured vertebrae.

Neymar released a statement through the Brazilian Federation on Saturday:

“My dream was also to play in a World Cup final, but this time it didn’t work out.

“I am sure they will win this Cup and be champions, and I will be with them, and all Brazilians will soon be celebrating all of that.

“It’s a very difficult moment, I have no words to translate what is going through my head and my heart. I’d just like to say I will be back as quickly as possible; when you least expect it, I’ll be back.”

Neymar’s injury could prove to be a rallying cry for the entire Brazilian nation. Former Brazilian striker Ronaldo, the joint leader in all-time World Cup goals with 15 (tied with current German striker Miroslav Klose) spoke to the rallying effect the injury could have on the nation.

“He has suffered a very heavy blow and I told him the whole country is proud of him, and that every effort will be made to win the World Cup in Brazil and dedicate it to him.”

Brazilian legend Pele expressed similar sentiments Friday on Twitter.

“Neymar was raised in my Santos FC and it hurts our hearts to know that he can no longer defend Brazil in the World Cup.

“I was also injured during the 1962 World Cup in Chile, and I was out for the rest of the tournament, but God helped Brazil continue on to win the Championship.”

Brazilian striker Fred said of Neymar’s injury and the potential inspiration it will give the host nation to lift the World Cup trophy:

“We have one more reason to play with heart in this cup. Neymar, rest assured that our group loves you and give life to win this title for you. You were and continue to be the ace and the soul of our team. The whole of Brazil is praying for you!”

Germany is the opposition for Brazil in Tuesday’s semifinal. The Germans have arguably not played well in this tournament but have received two massive breaks with the injury to Neymar and the suspension of Thiago Silva, Brazil’s best defender.

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