VIDEO: Michael Bradley Says USA “Excited” By Heat and Travel

The United States might have a natural advantage in the heat and humidity of Brazil. The United States domestic top flight, Major League Soccer plays through the hottest months of year with temperatures sometimes reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit during matches. Additionally players from the United States are far more accustomed to long travel between matches. For a quick comparison, the longest trip in England’s top flight from Newcastle or Southampton would represent among the shortest trips in the United States.

Bradley signed for Toronto FC this past January and his club has already made multiple long road trips to the North American west coast this season. In addition, the United States played three friendlies over the past two weeks in three different corners of the nation to simulate the travel and quick turn around of the World Cup.

“When you talk about playing in the heat, the travel, it doesn’t bother us, not only does it not bother us it excites us to see how the other teams are so worried about it because it is not something that comes into our thinking.”

The USA do the most traveling in this World Cup. Bradley and Team USA open its World Cup campaign against Ghana on Monday June 16. Six days later the Americans will face off with Portugal in Manuas which is the most far-flung World Cup venue in this summer’s competition.

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