Manchester United 0-3 Manchester City: Moyes Keeps Digging A Deeper Hole For United

A goal inside the first minute and a second for Edin Dzeko devastated Manchester United tonight at Old Trafford before Yaya Toure scored a late goal to help Manchester City win the derby 3-0.

The 3-0 away victory over Manchester United saw City climb into second place in the Premier League table with two games in hand compared to table toppers Chelsea. Heading into the contest, David Moyes’ men were buoyed by good wins over Olympiakos and West Ham United, but Manchester City stung them immediately as Edin Dzeko scored after just 43 seconds, registering the fastest away goal at Old Trafford in Premier League history.

United proceeded to stagger their way through the opening exchanges and rarely were a threat to stop City extending their present dominance of the fixture to five wins from six league encounters, though six minutes before half-time Juan Mata might have leveled the score.

Eleven minutes into the second half, Dzeko struck a goal to give City plenty of breathing space before Yaya Toure added a third on the 90th minute mark, as another example of City’s dominance over United in the most recent derbies.

While Manuel Pellegrini’s men are still very much in the title race, United and Moyes must watch it from a distance with just one win out of eleven against the teams above them this term.

The 3,000 visiting supporters at Old Trafford greeted each completed pass with a chant of ‘Ole’ in the match, while the worst part of the night for Manchester United fans was trying to accept how easily they lost and were brushed aside by the team they beat to the title by 11 points last season.

The only positive for United was that Marouane Fellaini escaped a red card and subsequent suspension for an ugly elbow on Pablo Zabaleta in the first half when referee Michael Oliver decided a yellow card was sufficient.

A woeful evening for United was completed when a pass from substitute James Milner deflected into Toure’s path, providing the opportunity for the midfielder to drive home the ball into the bottom corner in trademark fashion.

With Manchester United looking woefully inadequate yet again tonight, questions surround how to fix the cracks and strengthen the weaknesses. This is going to be a very long summer for United supporters.

31 thoughts on “Manchester United 0-3 Manchester City: Moyes Keeps Digging A Deeper Hole For United”

  1. Easy: fire Moyes. I was willing to give him a chance although I was never convinced of him: his Everton team always played hard but didn’t have flair.

    It’s clear that Moyes doesn’t know how to utilize players at his disposals. I don’t buy the statement that “the players are old, etc etc.” Some players get older but they know how to play well with better positioning.

    Moyes apologists: remember when he said that the team played well because they kept on crossing from byline? That just shows how tactically inept he is.

    1. first fire whiskey from the old toilet and then make sure you keep “The chosen One” for 5 more years………

    2. We must sack moyes be4 he wil destory man u be coz chelsea beat man u, man city diz means all d biggest team in england wil beat man u.And am not sure dat we are going to correct any cup dis year so man u team manager should find out be4 man u wil regret o! oo!! ooo!!!

  2. He has got to go. There just isn’t any other solution.

    He spent £27.5mm on a panic buy that isn’t of United quality. He panicked again in January and overspent on a player that he either woefully overrated or, even worse, can’t figure out how to use correctly. He’s been crucified twice by City, mauled my Liverpool at home, obliterated at Stamford Bridge, lost home matches to Spurs, West Brom…WEST BROM!!! and drew with Fulham.

    Why would the Glazers ever give him more money to piss away on players that he either a) can’t identify properly; b) won’t use correctly or c) cannot be put in the position to win every match?

    They need to cut bait. Now. Have a proper manager search. Interview and hire the right man for the job. Give him the money, the power and full weight of the Manchester United name and go out and fix this disaster.

    I am a United supporter, obviously. I will go down with this ship, because that’s what supporters do. But at this point, I will not and cannot go down quietly. This nightmare has to be quashed sooner rather than later. City are not going away, neither are Chelsea, the Scousers are in the ascendcy and Arsenal are not to be dismissed.

    The time to act is now. Now.

  3. I don’t think any other club would tolerate back to back 0-3 home defeats in the same lifeless manner against hated opponents. How can you give the bloke 200 million to spend this summer when he cannot organize and motivate the current set of players. Running around like headless chickens seems to be the Moyes gameplan. Assuming Moyes knows who he wants, he will probably play them out of position anyway. How long before the Glazers pull the plug?

      1. I know it’s been many years since you had a shot at the title so you probably can’t help yourself. Fair enough. But you haven’t won anything yet. Just remember that.

        I agree with you on Fergie by the way.

  4. Supposedly he works a lot on defensive shape in training and ironicallybthats the WORST part of the team is it’s shape. What is he doing in Training? He started Cleveley which says it all really. I want to know how did Everton win with this clown in charge he’s no better than my imaginary friend called Blue.

  5. What will haunt SAF more the lost title to City,or his hiring of Moyes? What Moyes has pulled off in 3/4 of a season is breathtaking. Its not like their one or two players away they are five or six away. No CL is going to be hard to get the players they need. Good luck UTD fans your going to need it.

    1. What a C@*T Ferguson has shown himself to be. Any person in his position who cared for the club more than himself would have stepped up and admitted his mistake.

  6. To all Manchester United fans, stop acting like Dallas Cowboy fans. No, you can’t blame it on Moyes. Even though the roster has not changed much since last season, a number of factors broke not in his favor. They only have two players that can influence the game and one of them is out. And they don’t have the officiating sway that SAF enjoyed. The problems at Arsenal are much worse than they are at United. Start firing managers now, and see how long it takes to get back. Once some of the roster spots are cleared up in the offseason; younger legs with potential rather than the next big money star is what will get them out of it. So call this season a wash and move on.

    1. I didn’t think there could be any Moyes apologists left after tonight but here you are. Seriously? Bring back RVP, spend 200 million and all will be well? Did you not hear any of the comments by Le Saux, Mustoe, Rebecca, Martino (even) regarding the tactical ineptitude on display tonight, not for the first time? The job is too big for Moyes. 30 games in is enough to judge him. In most walks of life you sack people when they proven to be no good at their job. It does not matter if it’s 5 years or 5 minutes in. The verdict is in with Moyes. You obviously need more time for it to sink in. Read Chris in Dallas’ post again.

      1. Yes, I’m an apologist because somehow I’m advocating spending stupid amounts of cash. Oh wait, I did not say anything like that. Firing managers, like many of the delusional propose is something you do when fighting a relegation battle and you end up getting sent down anyway. The roster as two good players and a bunch of people who are either past their prime or will never be the player many of the ‘sack Moyes’ crowd think they can be coached into being. By all means pull out that copy of EA Football and use that has evidence in thinking you could do a better job with that talent and schedule. But reality will tell you otherwise. Spend 200 million on what, especially not in the winter window. Like I said Cowboys fans. It could be worse, Raiders fans.

        1. There is no logical reason to keep him in the job unless you want United to fail. He has shown nothing to deserve anything but the sack. In his postmatch comments he says and I quote “I think we’ve played a very
          good side and it’s the sort of standard and level we
          need to try and aspire to”.
          How the hell does a United manager say we need to Aspire to be like City??? He didn’t say Real Barca or Bayern but City. He also said Liverpool were favorites at Old Trafford and Brendan Rogers said “I would NEVER say Manchester United are favorites at Anfield. He’s brought a small club mentality to the club and is a buffoon. As Taylor says below it’s about how we lose also. Moyes has us playing like the Stoke of Old. Southampton and Newcastle have gotten more points at home than Manchester United.

    2. Dude, it’s not the losses: it’s how United lost.

      The problem at Arsenal is: Wenger inherited a team that was good with tons of internationals. Then he managed to get couple of players for cheap because they failed in their previous clubs (see Viera at Milan, Henry at Juventus). Then he thinks he can still gamble by getting cheap players. Times have changed.

  7. When Edin Dzeko scored in the first minute, I thought Manchester United could also score after some minutes. But I was totally wrong. When I saw Edin Dzeko scored twice in 56 minutes, I turned off the TV and left home.

  8. Why so surprised? They’re effectively an upper mid table team nowadays.

    Here’s a scary/lovely thought (depends on your perspective) it’ll get worse before it gets better.

  9. As a United fan, this season it has been the most difficult thing for me write down articles.. I know its my job to do that but really painful..

    1. Arsenal and Liverpool fans saw their teams both flirting with relegation for a bit during downturns. Manchester United falls out of the Champions League spot and their fans start jumping out of windows. So spoiled!

      1. agreed.. But being honest with the image man utd has created it is difficult to see such downfalls.. United fans are not pissed with loosing points on the table, but are not happy with the way players are playing.. if good games n u lose is acceptable, but putting up a school team display isn’t acceptable..

        1. I was listening to the interview not knowing who it was. I thought it was just a regular city fan as he came across as reasonably intelligent when asked for his thoughts on Utds current problems. I nearly choked on my beer at the end when the interviewer thanked Noel Gallagher.

  10. Man, Manchester United play looks so out of sorts, it’s not even funny. No organization at the back. Nothing going forward, no motivation, no desire. It’s just feels like the energy has just sunk out of the building. There is no creative play, no clinical finishing, and one or two times they try to attack and get the supporters off their feet, some stupid dumb mistake sucks all the the air out of the balloon. Surely, this is the end of the road for Moyes, surely. Or is it?

  11. In big games, like derbies, it’s the players’ motivation to win that usually makes a difference. Yes, tactics are important but motivation, passion and committment is often more on display. What United lack this season are precisely those things. Didn’t see it in the Liverpool game and not in the City game. Who is the leader on the team and why hasn’t he been influential?

    Moyes may be the problem but so are the players.

  12. Moyes has to be fired asap. It is blindingly obvious what has gone wrong. You have a group of winning players who are used to a certain way of doing things. Bring in a new manager who has won jack in his career and he implements massive changes in tactics, coaching, training, etc. The players don’t like it, but were professional at the beginning of the season. Then as the results continue to not be there, we see the players rebel and quit trying.

    If his new methods had been met with winning, the players would have been fine with it. But….they didn’t win and now they have lost faith. It is a LOT easier to sack Moyes than totally reinvent the entire side… there is ZERO evidence that Moyes is worth a damn.

    1. I don’t understand your point.

      August: 1-1-0
      September: 1-0-3
      October: 2-1-0
      November: 2-1-0
      December: 4-1-2

      Based on your claim, they should have given up in September with the 3 losses. But they didn’t.

    2. He contradicted himself by saying he can’t implement changes in short time, but he’s changed the entire backroom staff, playing philosophy and style in such a short time.
      Fire him!

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