Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 25: Open Thread

Here’s today’s TV/Internet schedule for soccer fans in the United States:

Spurs vs Everton, 8:30am, USA Network
Manchester United vs Fulham, 11am, USA Network

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

62 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 25: Open Thread”

  1. Sorted my Vancover Whitecaps tickets out last week, hope to drop on Seattle Sounders tickets tomorrow. Google earth makes both stadiums seem like walking distance from the hotels I’ve booked.

    Be interesting to experience a North American sporting event in the flesh.

  2. Agent Richardson kept Moyes in a job with that miss. He was gone if that had gone in.

    For all their huffing and puffing, no cutting edge. Rooney and RVP look like strangers up front. And the defense is a shambles yet again.

    1. This one. That went down much like I described it above. Valencia not covering because he is not and never will be a right back.

    1. I mean Fulman’s backline where defending on their goal line. They maybe touched the ball in united’s half twice before the goals.

  3. Well have to wait for the Moyes autobiography for the full story but he was 10 minutes from getting a P45.

    Embarrassing to see them celebrating like they’ve won the champions league. Fulham at home should be as routine as it gets.

    1. I think we can rule United out of the CL race.

      9 point gap + big goal difference so effectively a 10 point gap. They’re constantly playing catch-up because even a win in their next match keeps them in 7th and if Everton beat Palace on Wednesday night it remains a 4 point gap. If United fail to beat Arsenal, the gap between 7th and 6th will be a lot to make up, never mind going for 4th.

      I honestly think they could be looking at 6th at best.

      1. I think that’s being generous at this point. Moyes is clueless when it comes to tactics and the players aren’t playing for him.

        While this squad clearly isn’t good enough to win the league they should still be good enough for a top 4 spot but Moyes doesn’t have the experience to get the best out of them.

        1. He took over a title winning squad that was in need of repair, granted… but it was still a title winning squad. That squad is now in 7th and short of winning the Champions League this year, they’re looking highly unlikely to be playing in it next season. This has all happened in the space of 6 months!! If Fergie was still there, I’d have no hesitation in saying you’d be looking at 3rd place at worst.

          Moyes is a very small fish in an ocean at that club. It’s too big for him and he’s been found out majorly. All this talk of him having big plans to spend millions in the summer is crazy because he won’t be able to attract certain plays with the lack of CL football.

          You’d think he concentrate on beating bottom of the table Fulham before anything else. And what annoyed me more about his post-match interview today was him saying his side deserved more from the result… this is a growing trend of his and it makes him look more and more pathetic every time.

          Liverpool had a major fall from grace in the early 90’s but you could see that coming gradually with each new signing they made not being anywhere near the then high standard… with United it’s just come like a rocket in the space of 6 months. If I was in charge I’d boot him out now before the rot sets in and get somebody like Giggs in until the end of the season – not ideal, but I think anything is better than what you’ve got now. Pointless asking Fergie back because I don’t think he’d want to tarnish his legacy in case even he couldn’t right the ship and finish 4th.

          1. Moyes had the same whiney comment after last week’s loss to Stoke.

            Wrong, David. You deserve to win when you put more balls in the back of the net than the other team. Everything else is window dressing. Das ist alles.

  4. Best match of the weekend! What. what. Who is watching it? Only french pple in france are watching it. We only love and dailogue one league which is the best league in the earth “premierleague”. No league can ever beat this league yu can watch the bottom two fulham vs cardiff hall the match with great commentry.but surely yu can’t watch french’s top two or italians top two.

    1. Dude ur clueless. Id rather watch italian or french top 2 than 75% of the Premier League. There are only 3 quality sides in the prem this year and 11 that are bloody awful. But keep drinkin the koolaid.

  5. Lol! No league is better than pl! I only watch pl every weekend no other league. Exclude el classico. Are yu saying pl is poor? Yu just don’t know nothing about football simply. If pl is poor what about seria a ? Or bundesliga?

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