Exclusive: Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool And 5 Other Top Teams Heading to United States In July

EXCLUSIVE: Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool will be among 8 top European teams playing in 12 cities in the 2014 International Champions Cup.

The participating teams that will be officially announced on Tuesday are Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, AC Milan, AS Roma, Liverpool, Inter Milan and Olympiacos.

The games will be played in 12 cities across the United States — Dallas, Washington DC, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver, Miami, Phoenix, Charlotte, Ann Arbor, Hartford, New York and Philadelphia.

The tentative schedule for matches July 26 through August 4 is as follows. Note that the schedule is subject to change, and has not been confirmed. The official announcement will be made on Tuesday:

July 26, 2014

Inter Milan vs Real Madrid — 4pm ET — Phoenix, AZ
AS Roma vs Manchester United — 6pm ET — Denver, CO
Olympiacos vs Liverpool — 6pm ET — Chicago, IL

July 27, 2014

Manchester City vs AC Milan — 4pm ET — Pittsburgh, PA

July 29, 2014

Inter Milan vs Manchester United — 7:30pm ET — Washington DC
AS Roma vs Real Madrid — 9:30pm ET — Dallas, TX

July 30, 2014

AC Milan vs Liverpool — 7pm ET — Philadelphia, PA
Manchester City vs Olympiacos — 9pm ET — New York, NY

August 1, 2014

AS Roma vs Inter Milan — 8pm ET — New York, NY

August 2, 2014

AC Milan vs Olympiacos — 2pm ET — Hartford, CT
Real Madrid vs Manchester United — 4pm — Ann Arbor, MI
Liverpool vs Manchester City — 6pm ET — Charlotte, NC

August 3, 2014

Semi-finals to be played at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL

August 4, 2014

Final game and third place match to be played at Sun Life Stadium, Miami

This will be the second annual International Champions Cup. The 2013 tournament was a huge success with Real Madrid, Chelsea, Everton, Valencia, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus and LA Galaxy participating.

Which matches are you planning on going to see in person? Let us know in the comments section below.

79 thoughts on “Exclusive: Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool And 5 Other Top Teams Heading to United States In July”

  1. This is great except those players who will be playing in the World Cup will not feature as they will be given time off after their involvement in the World Cup. Still, it’s good to see so many top clubs coming here.

    1. Well, WC ends July 13 so by August 2nd, most of the players should already be back and training. They probably won’t be starting but I’m sure Suarez and co will sub in at least one game.

    1. Unfortunately no. I would love to see any of those teams play here in California. It was so much fun seeing Real Madrid at the Home Depot Center 2 summers ago.

    1. Great to have a Greek team in Chicago to play Liverpool. Large Greek community here. Should be packed. I believe this may be the first time for Liverpool in Chicago.

    1. UofM’s AD David Brandon is looking for ways to expand the Michigan brand and what better way to extend the brand internationally than by having two of the biggest giants in futbol play at the biggest gridiron stadium in the US. Michigan Stadium was used to hold huge outdoor hockey games involving the Detroit Red Wings/Toronto Maple Leafs from the NHL and Michigan/Michigan State in College Hockey. Michigan Stadium does over 110k for football and has drawn 90k+ for hockey.

      I doubt the game hits those heights since the students aren’t in class and there is a lack of local rooting interest but they should draw a really good crowd if it is promoted right.

      1. Youth soccer in SE Michigan is enormous, they might not totally fill it, but rest assured it wouldn’t be far off. I’m no great enthusiast, but I assure you my son’s U11 from Ann Arbor, provided the tix aren’t 250 bucks would easily buy 50 tix. Multiply that by the hundreds of Metro area teams and suffice it to say it could be filled that way

        1. As long as they keep the prices reasonable, it will sell out. ExpressFC will be there. There was an overwhelming response by the parents last night to attend. Also, I’ve heard from soccer families in the Petoskey area that will be making the drive down for the game. Really looking forward to it!

          1. Please note again that the schedule is subject to change, so hold off on making plans until the official schedule is released on Tuesday.

      2. Don’t underestimate the number of local fans. My husband is a Man U fan, and is thrilled to hear that they might play in Ann Arbor. There are many other people around the state, and nearby that would likely come out for a match. Especially as unlike the hockey games- the liklihood of it snowing during the match are low.

        1. Me and by best white mates are planning to go to Ann Arbor for California !! They are Madrid fans and Im a die hard united fan !!

    2. Ann Arbor is a world class University town with one of the largest (if not THE largest) soccer venues in the Unites States. Michigan Stadium has hosted professional and college sports with over 100,000 fans in attendance.

  2. Tottenham will be in town to play the Fire that same night. Love that we have 2 top PL teams coming to town but sucks that they are the same day.

    1. Me too, Real vs Man U is definitely the best game, probably why they put it in the best stadium!!!
      Too bad no Ronaldo or Rooney

  3. Looking forward to the day when the MLS regular season will be meaningful enough to discourage early preseason friendlies from competing with it for ticket sales and TV viewers.

    1. It’s never going to happen.

      Except for the International Champions Cup, MLS and SUM generate a ton of revenue every summer from the lucrative ticket sales for MLS friendlies against European opposition.

      1. It won’t happen for a long time, but you really think MLS regular season will NEVER be exciting and lucrative enough on its own to make early season foreign club friendlies with weak rosters (especially in a World Cup year) significantly less attractive? I certainly hope you are wrong.

  4. My Liverpool FC against City in Charlotte! As soon as I heard the news a few hours ago, my heart was set – I knew I was going to watch that match. It’ll be my first time watching my beloved Reds live, up close and in action. Please, let us know where tickets can be purchased as soon as possible!

  5. As both a Man U supporter and Michigan football season ticket holder for over 40 years this is great news. Southeast Michigan has not had a match of this quality since the World Cup was held in the Silver Dome in the 1990’s. I have seen United play several times when they have come to the US, so having them come to Michigan is a real bonus for me. People coming to Michigan Stadium for the first time should know that traffic flow in and out of the area is excellent, but be prepared to pay $50.00 to park your car. Hopefully Rooney and Ronaldo will play. But if they don’t seeing Real Madrid and United play is always a major event. I can’t wait to attend!

    1. I am trying to get this verified from UM Athletic Director.

      If in August, doesn’t that mean that WC players are eligible? They usually get off in July but not August (right before season starts)…

      I will pay $50-$150 if Ronaldo/Rooney/Giggs/DeGea/Chicharito/RvP/Mata/Kagawa show up… I will pay < $50 if it is United's reserve/youth team. Can I pay to NOT watch Cleverley play? 😀

    1. Didn’t they do Fenway the last time they put this together?

      Don’t you think it’s nice that they’re going to different cities as opposed to making the whole country commute to the same places each time?

      Head’s gone mate.

  6. First of all, do you have a source for this? I’ve been looking for details everywhere and can’t find anything.

    Second, how can United commit to this when they very well may be playing in the Europa league and it’s well documented that if that happens they will not be participating in a preseason tour.

    Third, there’s an “H” in Pittsburgh….Pittsburg is a college town in Kansas.

    Fourth, if there really is a City game in Pittsburgh will it be at Heinz Field or PNC Park? Or (let’s hope not) at Highmark Stadium?

    Finally, I really hope you’re right because as a Pittsburgher and a massive MCFC supporter this would be the first time I could see City without having to drive (at least) 5 hours first!

    My guess is that this will be at Heinz Field due to baseball season. But the date makes sense considering the Pirates will be out of town and they share a parking lot with Heinz field. Just hope there isn’t a concert that night since that venue also shares a parking lot with the two stadiums.

    The community of City fans in Pittsburgh is very small, but also relatively tight-knit so I know we’ll have fun. But given the strong Italian heritage in the city I would expect a predominantly Milan-supporting crowd. Should be fun!!!!

  7. Wow I’m amazed that Hartford is actually on this list but Olympiacos vs AC Milan wouldn’t be my first choice. Wish they could have gotten Celtic instead of Olympiacos.

  8. City vs Scousers in Charlotte will be huge!
    Already had 13 definites confirmed who will be traveling up!

    City City City!!

  9. I want to know when tickets will go on sales. I plan on driving to Charlotte from Atlanta (was really hoping Atlanta would host a few games) to see Liverpool take on Man City.

    1. Tickets will go on sale February 25 at 10am ET via Ticketmaster. They’ll announce a schedule at that time. The current schedule is tentative.

  10. A game in Ann Arbor and Pittsburgh, both well within reach and the time for the game is reasonable too. Ticket pricing should be interesting.

  11. I can’t believe Liverpool and Manchester United might come to Charlotte NC! I’m going to find a way to take my boys! They would be so thrilled!

  12. Does anyone know when tickets for these events will go on sale? Mainly looking for the Liverpool/Man City in Charlotte, NC. Or, what ticket outlet will be selling these tickets? Thanks for your help!

  13. LFC all the way baby!!! Even better now that they’re playing Man City in Charlotte. Wonder if there will be any meet and greet????

    1. I do not honestly, but I would like to know if you found out and please I want to know which hotel they are going to be staying at when they play vs AS ROMA in DALLAS, TX

  14. Hello everyone!!! I know Liverpool just landed in NY city… by any chance anyone knows the hotel they´re staying??? is really important!!

    btw, im not a stalker… jajajaj

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