With Chelsea Signing Nemanja Matic, They Essentially Paid €50million For David Luiz

Chelsea officially announced the signing of Nemanja Matic from Benfica today, for a sum of £21million. Matic, an attacking midfielder, was previously on the books of Chelsea from 2009 to 2011 but only made two league appearances for the Blues.

In January, 2011, Matic was used as a makeweight to help Chelsea sign David Luiz on transfer deadline day from Benfica. For Benfica’s trouble, Chelsea paid €25,000,000 for David Luiz and threw in Matic as a sweetener to close the deal.

Fast forward three years later to today and Chelsea have now paid another €25,000,000, this time to sign Matic back from Benfica to the Blues. In total, you could argue that Chelsea essentially paid €50,000,000 to sign David Luiz. That’s a whopping £41,500,000 for a gifted Brazilian footballer.

While there’s no argument that Chelsea have cash to splash on signing talented footballers, the club’s lack of foresight in letting Matic go has damaged their bottom line.

By adding Matic to Chelsea’s overcrowded midfield, it’s likely that Juan Mata will leave the Stamford Bridge club if a significant offer comes in for Chelsea’s player of the year for the past two seasons. It’s unlikely that Chelsea will let Mata join a Premier League club, so the most likely destination is either Italy or France.

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14 thoughts on “With Chelsea Signing Nemanja Matic, They Essentially Paid €50million For David Luiz”

  1. Chelsea don’t have a bottom line so it doesn’t matter if they paid 50 million or 1 billion for Luiz…all of it is being paid for on the back of the Russian people. Chelsea fans can send their thank you tweets to them.

  2. I dont get it. Why return to a place that shipped you off cuz you didnt play at all for them. Plus Chelsea’s CAM depth is unreal and playing great. So he could be coming into the same situation as last time

  3. Iam fun of chelsea for almost two decades and this is the signing that really surprised me “what is the need to sing another creative player having had 6 or 7 overcrowded players in that position? If yu look this amount 21million we could have signed a deadly finisher! Its waste money… What we need is striker not midfielder josee. I can’t see matic getting any regular football no where near.

  4. No is the answer! But do you think he can establish him self as a regular starter for this chelsea team? With the likes of mata,willian and others hardly getting any game time. I think he gambled his career career.

  5. It was better for him to stay another couple of years for benfica! in order to progress further, this guy was one of the first 11 players in every match that benfica play. I think he made the wrong decision this time.and chelsea also made it.

  6. The ignorance of some is beyond belief.
    He isn’t competing with Mata or Willian but it will be 2 out of 4 from Ramirez,Mikel,Lampard and Matic.
    Add Van Ginkel next season in place of Lampard and you have 4 players for 2 positions for 60 games.

  7. Matic is not an attacking midfielder in the same way Mata is. True, that he does have the ability to play the “killer ball” but he has played in a deeper lying role for Benficathe past few seasons. He will be in a rotation with Ramires, Mikel, Lampard and Luiz (possibly). To say that Mata will be sold because of Matic signing is silly.

    And I agree with other posters who have said that Matic wouldn’t have played/developed the same way if he stayed with CFC. We have the money to spend (with the imminent sale of DeBruyne), so buying cover in DM was a smart move.

    The amount of Chelsea hate is astonishing. When Barca buy back a player they have sold its brilliant business (Cesc, Pique) but when CFC do it they are admonished by pundits.

  8. LOL Luiz and Matic r worth well over 80m so its gain rather than a loss!!! Agree with all true CFC fans who know what they r talking about..not an AMF Matic is Lampart back in the day when he could score a lot from behind while defending excellend. I seriously doubt though that he has the scoring ability of Lamps and thats where Mou is gonna b working on. Mikel will be benched just because Matic can throw that forward pass-assist that we’ve been missing.

  9. I don’t know why chelsea’s case always appear different when the media presents it? Barca bought a player (fabregas) they sold out back & no one complain.

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