Referee Overturns Her Initial Decision And Awards Ghost Goal to Wrexham [VIDEO]

In the Conference Premier match between Kidderminster and Wrexham this weekend, Wrexham scored a ghost goal when the shot went into the corner of the net, but the referee awarded a goal kick instead of a goal to Wrexham.

The referee and assistant referee didn’t see the goal because the ball had gone through a hole in the net.

Not surprisingly, the Wrexham players protested to the referee and match officials. After six minutes of discussion and consultation, referee Amy Fearn changed her decision and awarded the goal to Wrexham. Kidderminster won the game 3-1.

Hats off to referee Amy Fearn who ultimately got the decision correct. Earlier this season, Fearn became the first female to referee an FA Cup first-round fixture.

Watch the video to see the ghost goal here:

And watch the video from behind the goal. Warning, some of the language is NSFW:

10 thoughts on “Referee Overturns Her Initial Decision And Awards Ghost Goal to Wrexham [VIDEO]”

    1. I dislike that too when players surround and vehemently argue and chase the ref (man or female).

      If I remember correctly, in the past (good old days – lol) only the team captains (with arm bands) were allowed to “argue” (discuss) a situation with the ref. I know that didn’t always happen.

      I would like to see a return to that rule and enforced.

  1. Despite her making the right decision isn’t it technically against the rules. What new evidence came in to make her change her mind ?

  2. The referee can change the call until play has re-started.

    The sad thing is, referee should always check the pitch before a match. This includes checking the goals and nets. I have seen a goal not allowed because of a hole in the net, but not at this level of play.

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