Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League Gameweek 10: Open Thread

In the United States, the clocks went back one hour this morning so today’s early morning Sunday kickoff is back at its usual time of 8:30am ET. And the match to kick off today’s British football festivities should be a fascinating one featuring two big contenders — Everton against Tottenham Hotspur.

Programming note: For viewers in the United States, today’s game between Everton and Tottenham is on CNBC, not NBC Sports Network. The second match of the day, Cardiff vs Swansea, will be on NBCSN.

Starting line-ups:

Everton: Howard, Coleman, Baines, Jagielka, Distin, McCarthy, Barry, Osman, Pienaar, Mirallas, Lukaku

Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Vertonghen, Chiriches, Dawson, Sandro, Paulinho, Lennon, Holtby, Townsend, Soldado

Before, during or after today’s game, join the conversation in the comments section below to discuss the match or any of the related developments.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

22 thoughts on “Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League Gameweek 10: Open Thread”

  1. For those who read the comments but don’t read the article above, the game this morning is on CNBC, not NBCSN.

  2. Well it sais it was on CNBC at 7 a.m. CT but we have an infomercial on right now even though the t.v. guide says football.

  3. Tottenham must train all week without goals, they’re playing like they’ve never seen one before. Soldado I’m afraid is proving to be a huge waste of money. Frequently he’s found trotting around way behind the game.

    Tim Howard looks like he’s in the witness protection programme with that ridiculous beard.

  4. Tedious match so far. Neither team is able to capitalize on their chances to score. Tottenham are even more guilty.

  5. Bizarre incident with the Hugo Lloris concussion. Everton should start testing him to see if he’s 100% with just a few minutes to go.

  6. And a draw it was, leaving The Arsenal’s five point lead in tact.

    Love going back through the boards where scousers were talking trash all week.

  7. Sandro was injured and had to come off, Townsend & Lennon did great impressions of Forest Gump…just running with the ball & not picking out passes & playing football….just running as fast as they can..oh except for when Townsend just shoots from anywhere lol.

    Everton fortunate in the first half, absolutely dominated and should’ve taken our chances from Paulinho, Lennon & Soldado missing wide.

    Everton at home difficult place to get 3pts, ask CFC.

    Still inspite of our scoring woes during this time of transition we are on the same points as ore-ordained champions CFC, have only 4 GD off the amazing SAS and more points than city.

    Anyone else played better at Everton in the last 16 months? No ..oh…

    Lloris being knocked unconscious didn’t help, Everton fans showing there class by jeering and giving Hugo greif for “faking it” … Embarrassing.

    Jan vertonghem quite simply amazing! 20pts so far. You can’t win the league in August – Dec but you can loose it.5pts off 1st with Farsenal going to Utd while we have Newcastle at WHL.

    Perhaps it’ll be a 2pt gap next week…


    1. Too bad Sandro was injured because I thought he was the best player on the pitch. Chiriches was solid in back and that allowed Vertonghen to roam up the pitch. Vertonghen was 50/50 meaning had good spurts and then again gives up a penalty ( that wasn’t called ). Each week anything can happen in this league.

      1. You must have been disappointed yesterday.

        I think CFC, Farsenal, Spurs and a Manchester club finish in the Top 4.

        Vlad has been amazing for us, it’s a shame about Sandro, but very handy that Capoue is now available, he’s better in my op than Sandro.

        Spurs next 3 fixtures are NUFC @h then @city and Man Utd @h I think we get a minimum of 7 3 v NUFC, 1 @ city and 3 v man Utd.

        Taking 3pts at home is key against the other 5 in contention. CFC stoping man Utd & spurs from getting 3 at home means you have done well in that regard and I think that will be the difference, away at the others is the difference maker.

        We will start to click offensively during this next 3 games but it won’t be consistent until Xmas, which is the business end…

        1. Very Disappointed in not just losing because that’s gonna happen here and there a season but no disrespect to Newcastle but a club we should easily get 3 points and no question got beaten. I think that Capoue will be on France’s XI if they get past Ukraine.

          1. I felt the same way about a West Ham lol… Inexplicable really.

            I think CFC will pip it with Farsenal or Spurs 2/3 & a Manchester club in 4th.

            I know it sounds ludicrous, and I’m sure certain factions on here will loose it but that’s how I see it esp with the squads & away form.

            We’ll see at Xmas what the situ is.

          2. CFC wins, 2 Manchester clubs + Arsenal in top 4. Sorry Dust, I’d rather see your guys there over Arsenal every day of the week but to my eyes they are just not as good as the usual top 4.

            <1 goal scored per match just isn't going to get you there.

        2. “Spurs next 3 fixtures are NUFC @h then @city and Man Utd @h I think we get a minimum of 7 3 v NUFC, 1 @ city and 3 v man Utd.”

          You think Spurs will get penalties against City and United?

  8. Spurs were thrashing Everton 0-0 at half time. Unfortunately they are reminding me of Arsenal a few seasons ago – easily controlling midfield but running out of ideas at the opposition’s penalty box. They need to drop Soldado for Defoe and also put in Sigurosson. Good strikers who can’t get the ball go and look for it. Soldado is a bit of a passenger at times.

  9. 3 penalties in the BPL, after last season getting zero! LoL,

    It’s on other teams to not hack and make rash challenges or poor decisions with arm placements.

    Watch CFC & Spurs defenders, they block crosses in the 18yd box with their hands BEHIND their backs , for exactly that reason.

    Didn’t see city fans whining about a vide atl hand ball v bvb last year in the dying seconds to tie 1-1.

    Selective memories… Villa have had as many penalties.

    And not one of outs come close to the shameful Sandro fallover dive v west brom last season or the Suarez attempts … So say what you want, I’ll take 3pts any day of the week.

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