England Are Coming to America In May Or June to Play 2 Friendlies; One Against USMNT: Daily Soccer Report

Although nothing official has been announced yet, The FA are in talks with the USSF to finalize a friendly with England to be played on US soil in May or early June. The location of the game is yet to be determined, but it’s very likely that England will play another game on US soil in Miami prior to heading to Brazil for World Cup 2014.

According to the Evening Standard newspaper,

“England will travel to the United States to play their national team at a location decided by the US federation before heading down to Miami for a week-long training camp designed to help the squad adjust to different climes.

“It is expected that England will play one final friendly in the Miami Dolphins stadium before traveling to Rio De Janeiro.”

In which city do you think England should play the US Men’s National Team in a friendly? And who would you like to see England play in Miami? Have your say in the comments section below.

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16 thoughts on “England Are Coming to America In May Or June to Play 2 Friendlies; One Against USMNT: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. No matter where they play the warm-ups, the England players are going to knackered in the heat. Their english lungs aren’t cut out for hot weather. Rooney and co are literally going to be panting like British Bulldogs when they arrive in Brazil.

  2. Always a good draw. They played in Chicago prior to the 2006 Cup. Why that may be likely again is that with the USSF home based in Chicago we have seen an appearance a year by the USMNT here. So at least one can be expected.

    1. The crowd for the Gold Cup final was great and pro-US in Chicago. Lets face it if we are playing England everyone will be for the US! (see photo)

      1. On the BBC podcast, it was stated the USA v England friendly would be in the northern half of the US. Chicago would be good choice. Although eplnfl is wrong that the support would be overwhelmingly for USA. I went to the USA v England friendly at Soldier Field in 2005. The crowd was minimum 70% for England. It was amazing.

  3. Cool. I always wonder why the US and England don’t play each other more frequently.

    If it’s anywhere nearby, I’l probably try to attend.

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