Kenny Dalglish Agrees to Join Liverpool’s Board of Directors

Liverpool FC have added former manager and player Kenny Dalglish to its board of directors.

Dalglish was sacked as manager of the club in 2012 (doesn’t it seem longer ago than that, ‘eh?). But the Anfield club have extended an olive branch to Dalglish by inviting him to join the board, and Dalglish — it was announced today — has accepted the invitation.

Fenway Sports Group principal owner, John W Henry, said:

“We are delighted Kenny has accepted our offer to join Liverpool as a non-executive board director and we are sure he will make a valuable contribution to the club’s strategy.

“Kenny has a unique relationship with our supporters and embodies everything that is special about Liverpool. We are thrilled that the club will benefit from his experience, and passion for the club and our supporters.

“Kenny has a unique insight on the values and traditions that helped to make Liverpool one of the greatest sporting institutions, not just in football, but in world sport. We are proud and honored to have him back at the club he has represented with such distinction.”

It’s difficult to ascertain exactly what type of role Dalglish will have at the club, whether it’ll be more hands-on or whether he’ll be more of a figurehead to help the relationship with the supporters. Whatever it is, I’m sure Liverpool supporters will agree that it’s a good move to have a legend such as Dalglish back at the club.

5 thoughts on “Kenny Dalglish Agrees to Join Liverpool’s Board of Directors”

  1. On one hand its a strange choice given how he embarrassed the club around the world with his handling of the Luis the racist Suarez fiasco.

    On the other he is a club idol and will most likely be a link between the fans and sponsors. As a non executive he isn’t exactly going to be involved in a daily basis.

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