New Photos of London Taxi Cabs in Premier League Team Colors In New York City [PHOTOS]

NBC Sports last week paraded London cabs around New York City to promote its coverage of the English Premier League.

Each taxi cab was decked out in the colors of Premier League clubs. In the new photographs above and below, you’ll see that most of the teams are represented.

On Saturday, NBC Sports chauffeured many members of the different supporters groups to their local pubs to watch the Premier League on NBC.


Aston Villa

Cardiff City





Manchester United

Newcastle United


Swansea City

If you have any photos of the missing teams (Tottenham, West Ham, West Brom, Crystal Palace, Hull City, Southampton, Stoke, Manchester City or Norwich), please e-mail them to thegaffer[at]worldsoccertalk[dot]com so we can add them to the above list.

5 thoughts on “New Photos of London Taxi Cabs in Premier League Team Colors In New York City [PHOTOS]”

  1. I think instead of a cab for Stoke City, NBC Sports employed a “long-throw” catapult.

    After Arsenal fans got to their destination, they were displeased with the cab and called for its immediate replacement.

    Desperate Sunderland fans, doomed to relegation began tearing off the hub cabs from their respective cab.

    Fans of teams other than Liverpool complained about the Liverpool cab’s excessive driving.

  2. Sad for Arsenal fans, soon after this picture was taken the cab was sold to Barcelona and replaced with 2 Citi Bikes and a metro card.

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