Where to Find Premier League Extra Time On Your Cable or Satellite System

Many soccer fans in the United States are still puzzled whether or not they’ll be able to access Premier League Extra Time, the overflow channel service where select TV providers will broadcast the games that are not being shown live on NBC or NBC Sports Network.

The reason for the puzzlement is because DirecTV, Bright House Networks, Cablevision’s Optimum and AT&T Uverse are the TV providers who have revealed where their Premier League Extra Time channels will reside.

The other TV providers who will offer the service haven’t communicated where soccer fans can find those overflow channels. Those TV providers are Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Cox, Mediacom, Suddenlink, and Time Warner Cable. Additionally, over 100 NCTC partners have either signed-on to the Premier League Extra Time package or have opted-in via TV Everywhere, including Blue Ridge Communications, Buckeye CableSystem, CenturyLink Prism, and RCN.

The challenge here is that NBC Sports Group has done their job in negotiating deals with each of the major TV providers mentioned above to offer Premier League Extra Time. But now the onus is on each of the different TV providers to follow through on their promises and to communicate to their customers where they can find these games. The end result is mass confusion because each TV provider works independently and at their own pace.

As an insurance policy, all 380 games this season are being shown live on the Internet via the NBC Sports Live Extra app. There’s been no final word regarding on-demand capability for the service yet, but the following TV providers do plan on providing access to it: AT&T U-verse, Cablevision’s Optimum, Charter, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Cox, DirecTV, Suddenlink and Verizon FiOS.

In order to try to help everyone figure out where they can find their Premier League Extra Time on their TV provider, I’ve assembled the list below of where the Premier League Extra Time channels will reside.

But I need your assistance. If you have one of the TV providers listed below and you’ve uncovered where Premier League Extra Time channels will live, please let us know in the comments section below so I can update the list for everyone to see.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Here’s the guide to where you can find the Premier League Extra Time channels:

AT&T Uverse

SD – Channels 690-697.
HD – Channels 1690-1697.

Bright House Networks

The channel listings differ by market:

Bakersfield market: 1180-1184
Birmingham market: 858-862
Detroit market: 1511-1515
Indianapolis market: 1511-1515
Central Florida market: 1831-1835
Tampa Bay market: 1831-1835

Cablevision’s Optimum

Channels 470-475.

Comcast Xfinity TV

Premier League Extra Time feeds will be accessible through Xfinity On Demand and not as channels per se [Source]


Premier League Extra Time channel numbers will differ by region.

Arizona: 1160-1166
California: 1701-1707.


Premier League Extra Time channels can be found on channels 491-494.


Channels 875 through 880. A subscription to America’s Top 200 package is required.





Time Warner Cable


141 thoughts on “Where to Find Premier League Extra Time On Your Cable or Satellite System”

  1. The NBC Sports Live Extra is one of the poorest-performing apps I have on my Android phone (Droid RAZR M running Android 4.1.2). It hangs, bombs, or just won’t play highlights. Has anyone else seen this on the Android (or iOS) side?

    1. Yup, exact same problem here on my Android tablet. Can’t get the app to work at all, and haven’t found a solution for it. Very frustrating.

    2. Yeah just look at the reviews for it, i believe its stuck at 2.1 stars average on Android. I personally have it on my tablet and phone both running 4.3 and on both I have to start the app then let it force close then restart it and then repeat again after it tries to load the video. Oh well at least I have it on PC too

    3. Oh my.. I tried playing back a video and it froze 1 minute in. On a 2012 Nexus 7. And it froze again while browsing the list of videos. Poor.

    4. no issues on my iPhone 4 or 1st gen iPad.
      the low ratings in the Apple store are for lack of content and app design, not performance issues…

      1. Cox I for,Ed me yesterday via phone that they are not carrying the overflow channels until the weekend of August 24. My Cox Communications channels don’t even have 1701-1707. Goes direct from 1699 to the 1900s… Sure it varies by region. Just waiting until next weekend. Guess I’ll have to choose my one 10a game this weekend and watch highlight of the rest. All good, I’ll live. 5 matches this weekend isn’t too shabby.

        1. Wait. I got it! I have 2 DVR boxes! Yay! Record two games in one room… Two in the other room… Watch one live. Starting on the 24th of course, when Cox in AZ starts carrying the overflow channels…

      1. “working on” from Comcast is never good news. Comcast’s deal with EPL might expire before they get their extra channels worked out…

        If and when they ever get them up I still expect them to be in SD

          1. Thats the beauty of Comcast et al. One had has no clue what the other is doing.. Horrendous internal communication and skillsets are the issue imo

  2. Are the matches only shown live on the overflow channels? It would be nice if those channels (DIRECTV) would show those matches again during the day because for some people it’s not possible to DVR all the matches that are live @ 7am.

    1. Exactly. Cox only allows you to record 2 things at one time. No way to record them all without a replay later in the day. I guess you could record two and watch one live… That would at least get you three of the overflow games.

      1. You cannot record two things and watch a 3rd. You can record two things at once but you have to be watching or tuned into one of the two being recorded. That’s the way my Cox DVR works here in Ct.

        By the way, Cox New England has no idea if or when they will add Premier League Extra Time. Sucks.

  3. I am a Cablevision subscriber and had almost zero hope of ever getting these channels. Boy did they prove me wrong! Yay Cablevision?

  4. Bye bye Dish. It’s had it’s up and downs but this is a deal breaker. Knowing you as I do if you are not on board now, it will be 18-24 months before you even consider adding Extra Time, so adios my little friend, it’s time to dance with the DirecTV devil…again…and as dreadful as they are, at least they want to show Rickie Lambert and friends LIVE in glorious HD every Saturday…

  5. More from Dish…

    I apologize for the inconvenience. English Premier League (EPL) soccer is scheduled to begin on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Many of the EPL games will be broadcast on existing Dish channels such as NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, Telemundo and mun2. NBC recently made the decision to broadcast other EPL games on channels that Dish does not currently carry. Subsequently, Dish does not have the capacity to carry these extra channels on such short notice.

    1. DISH was informed about the Premier League Extra Time channels in April — five months ago. Plus, it’s possible that NBC Sports may have even told them earlier than that, so that’s a poor excuse from DISH. DirecTV got its act together, so why didn’t DISH?

      1. Probably because they didn’t get exclusive rights, isn’t that always the way with Dish? Can’t see them adding Extra Time this season now knowing them as I do.

        1. Not impressed with Dish. I have sent an email too corporate demanding too know why and I don’t want a generic answer. Dish does not seem too know its left elbow from its right elbow. If dish shown as much energy and passion in this like NBC have rather then the energy and passion they put in channel disputes and anti directv ads they would be a great company.

          I am screwed. I can’t get Directv in my house due too line of sight issues or its get TWC who don’t have access too the app.

    2. On channels Dish doesn’t have? What channels? These would be flow over things, not channels proper.

      I also don’t like how Dish advertise CNBC, USA, NBC when most games won’t be broadcasted on those channels to begin with.

      If Dish isn’t going to have it, just say it. Don’t leave us hanging. Dish is bad like that. At least we do have access to Live Extra. Hopefully NBC’s online site streams better than FS2Go.

      1. Has DISH given an actual reason as to why the Extra Time channels aren’t available, or is it just the typical corporate BS? I’m trying to decide which carrier to go with and was leaning towards DISH because it comes with a Slingbox, but not having the Extra Time channels would be a bummer. My other options are DirecTV and Time Warner.

      2. “flow over things, not channels proper”: ??? Note DirectTV has 4 specific channel numbers to carry the Extra matches on Saturday. If you have DISH, where are you expecting these “overflow things” to show up?

        1. posted on dishes facebook

          A quote from you guys I have been seeing on many forums from dish :-
          “I apologize for the inconvenience. English Premier League (EPL) soccer is scheduled to begin on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Many of the EPL games will be broadcast on existing Dish channels such as NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, Telemundo and mun2. NBC recently made the decision to broadcast other EPL games on channels that Dish does not currently carry. Subsequently, Dish does not have the capacity to carry these extra channels on such short notice.”

          Now in the words of Judge Judy “Baloney Baloney Baloney”

          DISH was informed about the Premier League Extra Time channels in April — five months ago. Plus, it’s possible that NBC Sports may have even told them earlier than that, so that’s a poor excuse from DISH. DirecTV got its act together, so why didn’t DISH?

          You are giving customers false information the extra games are not going too be on CNBC USA they are going too be on extra channels provided too Dish and all the other cable providers free of charge. It is called Premier League extra time.

          DirecTV, Bright House Networks, Cablevision’s Optimum and AT&T Uverse have managed too obtain these channels as well as Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Cox, Mediacom, Suddenlink, and Time Warner Cable.

          So please don’t give me a generic answer pass this concern too management in Dish?

          And I don’t wanna hear about lack of space? There is 4 games on Saturday and you have all those sports HD ALT channels with nothing else. Its 4 games at 10am est that will be over by12pm.

          I seem too think that Dish is going nowhere. The leadership and management of dish is headed in the wrong direction. If Directv can do this why can’t Dish?

          If you put as much passion in the the EPL as NBC as and Direcv has in channel disputes like Raycon and AMC and your anti Directv commericals Dish would be amazing .

          Yours a pissed off Everton and soccer fan.

          1. No Contract with dish. But sadly I can’t get Directv as they can’t get line of sight on my property due too trees in neighbours yard.

  6. This is great I had been searching my guide earlier this week.

    I’m sure most U-verse folks know this, but for HD its Channels 1690-1697

    1. I have uverse and nothing is showing up on 1691 /1697 for sat 24th at 10AM. Where is it. Customer service blamed local provider

      1. KS – I’m seeing the same thing for Sunday, 8/25 on U-verse in the Sacramento market. 1690 – 1697 are all showing “Off the Air”. Are they just working on getting those channels up and running? Did they work the first weekend (8/17 & 8/18)? Anyone have success with AT&T Uverse and the overflow channels?

  7. I have Comcast and can see live games lined up for channels 73/689/9/653. I guess this is correct. When i search “soccer” these are the channels that feature the games from week one.

    1. I also have comcast in Philadelphia and none of the channels show matches lined up. When i asked comcast on twitter they said “extra time is an on-demand and live stream thing not extra channels”

      1. I honestly don’t think Xfinity have a clue to be honest. Getting information is near on impossible. I have resigned myself to not seeing these channels but if we do I will say thank goodness for miracles.

        1. Comcast problem in part is that their channel numbers vary from region to region and they leave it up to their regional branches to decide on channel line-up and programming. Whereas everything is usually consistent with Directv accross the country.

          1. Yup – if it was constant it would be no problem. We finally in our area have a decent HD line up and the new X1 box. Just hoping for Saturday although both my teams Stoke and Man U are on t.v. anyway.

    2. Just saw the same source as cited above on comcast showing matches on demand. Apparently they will be under Sports and Fitness section of on demand on the match day to watch live. God help comcast if I can’t watch the Hammers on Saturday morning. I got a brand new tv for this

      1. I am hoping against hope we get this on demand and hope this select markets crap is not true. I can’t see why it won’t be nationwide.

  8. I am a W.O.W cable customer in chicagoland area they offer live extra and when i talked to the representative, he said wow will offer extra time but as of today i am unable to find channels on my guide list. Please help me..!!

  9. In your system-by-system listing, you don’t have an entry for Verizon FiOS…

    Is there any news about that provider?

    Bram Weiser

    1. Verizon FiOS currently doesn’t offer Premier League Extra Time, but they are making NBC Sports Live Extra available.

  10. It would be nice if NBC set up an On Demand Channel that would be keep all of the fixtures for 2 to 3 weeks allowing fans to watch all the games at their leisure since there aren’t any repeats especially of the mid to lower end of the table. Unless you have Direct TV which I believe can DVR 5 shows at a time most TV viewers will only be able to watch and record 2 of the 4-6 games a week that air at the traditional 3p UK time. After 2 or 3 weeks the previous game is erased and the new week of fixtures become available. I’d have no problem w/them waiting 24 to 48 hours to put the games up on the On Demand Service. Also if the games that air on NBC OTA aren’t available to protect the local NBC affiliates interests I’d have no issue with that either.

    One of those mosaic channels that has all the 10am games airing at once would be cool too where you can watch all the games at once and can toggle around to the game you want to listen to.

    One piece of advice I have to see if you get the Extra Time channels through your cable company is to do a search by program of English Premier League by scheduled airings. I was able to do this w/Brighthouse and it showed the 5 channels. I’d go to NBCSN on Saturday and see how they list the games and then enter the same exact text in your search area on your cable box and if you have the channels the games should air on.

  11. Chris
    Thanks for keeping this updated. Yours is the number one spot to check for updates on the PL on TV or elsewhere . I spent 20 minutes on the phone with direct TV and the rep had no idea what I was talking about. I still can not see direct tv on the NBC sports live app and no there could tell me anything.

    1. Wayne, NBC Sports Live Extra app went live on DirecTV yesterday as promised. I was able to successfully access the app without any issues for IOS. What platform are you on?

  12. I’ve e-mailed Verizon FiOS, I’ve live chatted with Verizon FiOS, I’ve posted on the Verizon FiOS message board, and, basically, I’ve received “copy and paste” corporate BS responses. Their lack of knowledge on this issue and product is disturbing. When live chatting with them, they kept on referring to MLB Network and asking repeatedly, “Are you talking about MLB Network?” It’s really unbelievable.

    1. just use the NBC Sports live extra app as they’ll have all 380 games. watch on the device or stream to your tv until FiOS does something (that’s what I’m doing when needed – current FiOS customer)

  13. I’ve emailed MetroCast in Maryland about this twice and haven’t gotten a straight answer.

    I keep flicking through all my channels to see if it’s been added. I have channels for MLB Extra Innings, but nothing else.

  14. A TWC customer in Syracuse posted on TWC Community Forums that he had found the Extra Time Channels listed, “NBCEXT1HD- NBCEX5HD between channel 420-424.”

    Those channels are available here in NC, but I have no listing, at this point. Anyway, Stoke is up first on NBCSN on Saturday, so I am good to go. :-)

    1. Apparently, the hang-up with TWC is that they want to put the channels in the Sports Pass and NBC wants them to be available for free. The guy in Syracuse didn’t say (and may not know) if his are in the SP.

      1. NBC is very insistent on Premier League Extra Time not being packaged with any other services, so customers don’t have to pay anything additional for it as long as they currently subscribe to NBC Sports Network (NBCSN).

  15. Call me old-fashioned but watching a football match on the telly is the only way to go. DirecTV have came through for me.
    Thanks Gaffer for all your research and information on this.

  16. To be fair I haven’t seen any “official” statement from Directv .. I usually get emails from them. I got an email from them with their in house South American friendly tournament.. But nothing on the premier league. So unless you were looking for the info… You wouldn’t have it


    1. The fact they have the games and channels listed on live Saturday morning in the program grid is “official” enough for me.

  17. Gaffer do you know what NBC plans for half time on the channels covering the extra 10 AM eastern games? I can’t imagine they are going to have five different half time shows are they?

    1. There’ll be one half-time show only. For the games on Premier League Extra Time and NBC Sports Live Extra that are not on NBC or NBC Sports Network, I would expect them to pick up the Premier League Productions half-time stats and highlights.

      1. Alternatively, since the 10am games will all go to halftime at roughly the same time, there’s no reason they can’t do what CBS and Fox (and NBC has compared PL Saturday 10am to NFL Sunday 1pm) do and synchronize the adverts (and maybe use up to 15 second delays) so that, unless a game has something crazy like ten minutes of injury time, they all start the halftime show with Rebecca and the Robbies at the same time.

  18. Well I have gotten a “little” more info then ever before from Comcast. I was told that the channels are still in the process of being added, but no word of when that will be. Here’s hoping before Sat at 10am.

  19. Finally got an answer from MetroCast in Maryland. They will not be offering Extra Time. Though you can get NBC Sports Live Extra online.

    They said they would process my call as a “channel request”. If there is enough interest from their customers, they will consider adding it at a future time.

    So I’ll be watching the matches that aren’t on NBC and NBC Sports Network online.

    Funny, I never requested LMN or Oxygen Network, but I have access to those….even though I’ve never watched a second of them.

  20. Gaffer,

    Here’s what I got from RCN via Twitter: Various games will be listed on various websites – listings are not available at this time. Thanks! -Jackie

    So in other words…they don’t know.

  21. With the change to Fox Sports 1 I wonder if the TV providers plan on changing the packages that channel is included in? It will no longer be such a “speciality” channel… NBCSN seems to be included in bottom or middle tier packages. I have paid for top tier packages for years just to get Fox Soccer… If it wasn’t for Champions League (and my contract with Dish) I would switch now. We will see what happens with Fox Sports 1 after Aug 17th

  22. Well I did as someone suggested and entered Everton into my Comcast guide, and it came up with a replay of the Norwich match next Thursday afternoon on 721, here in the SF bay area that’s Comcast sports net California. I know that’s not much help for Saturday, but maybe it’s a clue?


  23. Cox has said on FB and twitter that the Extra Time channels will be Channels 1701 – 1707 for California, but they haven’t released information on other areas. I’ve asked them about other areas and I’m waiting for a response.

  24. Gaffer,

    Coz Arizona just confirmed. Starting August 24, 2013. Channels 1160-1166 – All in HD and only HD. Cox also offers the new “Contour Receiver” – the cable box – which allows you to record up to six (6) shows at one time. Only been out for 3 weeks… Cox rep said that this new Contour Receiver is simply awesome. So, starting next weekend that is Cox’s schedule… At least for AZ. Thanks, Chris!

    1. More info for Cox customers: The Cox rep said the Contour has a 2TB hard-drive allowing you to record up to 300 hrs of DVR recordings before having to delete. Average cost is an extra $20 or so per month on top of your regular bill.

  25. Comcast putting PL ET on On-Demand would be the only way it could be a “nationwide” release. Hopefully it is true. It’d make me very happy.

    1. Call your local Cox Ohama branch. Explain the plot about Cox now being a provider of the Premier League Extra Time overflow channels. They should have the same info that the rest of the Cox reps across the country have now. **Someone in the Omaha branch should be able to tell you the channels**. For some reason Cox will not start airing the overflow channels until the 24th of August, but at least that’s only one week without access to all games (via the TV route). Good luck!

  26. Someone posted this on the Comcast forums:

    From Twitter customer support:

    It will be called “XFINITY On Demand’s Extra Time” and is available LIVE under Main Menu > Sports & Fitness > Premier League > Live Matches

  27. I have RCN in Chicago and use a TiVo to access my cable programming. My TiVo had a message today that RCN had added the following channels:
    353 NBCEXT1
    354 NBCEXT2
    355 NBCEXT3
    356 NBCEXT4
    357 NBCEXT5

    A quick check of the schedules showed English Premier League football scheduled on the first four of those channels for 9am this Saturday.

    This is REALLY good news! Just wondering now if that means the programming is only in standard definition rather than HD. But still good either way, as that means I can TiVo the NBC ExtraTime games I want to watch, rather than having to watch them live via the internet.

  28. I have also found info that this will not be available to everyone with Comcast/Xfinity. It will only be in select markets to start and everyone should have it by years end. http://www.nbcsports.com/ExtraTime

    Go there and enter your zip. Under the 10am matches section it states:

    Barclays Premier League Extra Time is available in select XFINITY markets, with the remaining markets expected to be added by the end of the year. Go to On Demand/Sports & Fitness/Premier League to see if you receive the Extra Time package.


  29. I have the Choice Extra package for DirecTv but not an HD reciever, will i still be able to watch the games on channels 491-494?

    1. games on Directv are only braodcast in HD. if you do not see those channels on your grid now, you likely will not get them.

  30. DirecTV information is slightly incorrect. Only 491-494 will be used this Saturday, but DTV has reserved 495 for occasions when there’s a fifth game on Extra Time.

  31. Well if DISH doesn’t get this straightened out asap, they’ll lose a 15 year customer. Very disappointed that a company the size of DISH can’t accommodate their customers on something like this when apparently, their competition is ready, willing, and able to make it happen.

  32. Have confirmation that Comcast will have this On Demand in the Pittsburgh, PA area and Harrisburg, PA area. I would suggest you contact Comcast to see if you will be in a market that will receive this. If not, then I feel bad for you.

  33. FIOS aren’t carrying the se channels. They are not asoccer friendly provider. Took them years to provide FSC in HD and they still don’t have FSC+ in HD but charge $15 a month for it. Switching to DirectTV next week.

  34. Comcast was of the first ones on board yet keep thier customers in the dark to the last day.I’ve already accepted the fact that I won’t be able to DVR with the on-demand but now I have to hope and pray that on Saturday morning Comcast in Orlando will have extra time available via on-demand. This is annoying big time!!!!

    1. Hearing 2 different stories from Dish now. I guess I must of been getting on their nerves lol.

      A solution is being worked to have the games on Extra Time delivered to live TV in the future from their facebook page.

      And from a forum I am hearing Emma on chat support just informed me management are ‘in negotiations’ with NBC over the Extra Time channels!!

      1. Regarding the last sentence, there’s nothing to negotiate. NBC Sports is offering the service for free to TV providers.

        1. I take anything Dish says with a pinch of salt. Corporate can’t even reply too my emails.

          They are just telling people anything too shut them up.

  35. For us in the Stone Age, I can confirm that Directv will be showing PLET only in HD. Enjoy it, you lucky dogs in the modern world!

  36. Not sure if anyone else mentioned this but Optimum (Cablevision) is only offering 1 of their 6 channels in HD. I asked if there were plans to make all the PLET channels HD in the future but I have not gotten a response.

    It’s great they are offering the channels to us, but it’s typical Optimum that they always leave something on the table, like the continued absence of Bein Sport.

      1. I got my answers through their Facebook page, and they never responded to my question about getting them in HD. It appears others have the channels in HD which means they were offered to Optimum. Why in the world they said no to HD but took the SD is beyond me.

        I’m glad we have the channels, but it’s not surprising they manage to screw something up that is being offered to them for free.

  37. Time Warner Cable in Brooklyn/Queens will be carrying Saturday’s Extra Time games on channels 390-393 (HD) and 370-373 (SD). There is a PL Extra Time placeholder screen on those channels now.

  38. It looks like TWC is only offering Premier League Extra Time in NYC and Texas at the moment, despite what they told me on the phone two days ago. Extremely disappointed that I didn’t switch to AT&T sooner.

  39. Directv are showing 1 game on channel 4 , 2 games on channel 220 and then the other 4 games show on channel 491 – 495 as mentioned on your page.

  40. I heard from a Cox Rep via Facebook?

    Cox for Virginia channels will be 171 to 177 (NBC Sports Extra Time)

    Starting from August 24

    1. I put the question mark by mistake. Channel numbers above for Virginia are confirmed twice from two separate Cox reps on FB.

      The problems is the launch date: August 24, AND in “most” areas, whatever this means.

      BTW the app for iPad is terrible. It takes a while to load and it is on delay. Right now during Liverpool vs Stoke game the app is a full 2 minutes behind

    1. That page does NOT tell you the channel numbers for Extra Time. It simply gives u a phone number to call your provider. At least for Cox this is the case

  41. TWC in Columbia SC is only devoting 3 channels to Premier League Extra Time:

    1520 to 1522 HD
    520 to 522 SD

    This means that viewers in the area will miss at least 1 game per week. Today (8/17) the Cardiff v West Ham is not being shown.

  42. Chris,

    This is my conversation w/ TWC today. I live in Summit County OH,south of Cleveland. He says I’ll have it soon, but I guess we’ll find out next week if he’s full of it.

    Jeremy K(Sat Aug 17 12:11:15 EDT 2013)>Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Jeremy. Please give me a moment while I access your account.

    Jeremy K(Sat Aug 17 12:11:59 EDT 2013)>I am sorry, unfortunately I do not have access to you service area. Please wait while your chat is escalated to a tech that can better assist you.

    Jeremy K(Sat Aug 17 12:12:07 EDT 2013)>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
    Analyst Karl has entered room

    Analyst Jeremy K has left room

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:12:26 EDT 2013)>Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Karl. Please give me a moment while I access your account.

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:13:48 EDT 2013)>Thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience.

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:13:48 EDT 2013)>Please allow me a couple of minutes while I check this for you.

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:14:57 EDT 2013)>Thank you for waiting.

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:15:17 EDT 2013)>I have checked and so sorry to inform you that as of now we have not received any updates on the same

    Cory_(Sat Aug 17 12:15:38 EDT 2013)>So you only provide this service to customers in large markets?

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:16:37 EDT 2013)>I am so sorry as of now we do not have any updates on it so we will not commit you anything

    Cory_(Sat Aug 17 12:17:27 EDT 2013)>What’s the point of offering a service to only certain customers? You value the customers in NY or Dallas more than the customers in a small town? I’ll be leaving TWC at the earliest opportunity.

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:17:54 EDT 2013)>Please wait

    Cory_(Sat Aug 17 12:18:09 EDT 2013)>It’s ridiculous that my friends in Dallas can watch every game but I can’t because you don’t care about people living in small markets

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:18:40 EDT 2013)>I will need to transfer your chat to our higher level department.

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:18:41 EDT 2013)>Is there anything else I can help you with before transfering this chat?

    Cory_(Sat Aug 17 12:20:09 EDT 2013)>I don’t care to be transferred. This is the last straw. I was promised that Premier League Extra Time would be available by the start of the season (today) but noone informed me that I wasn’t important enough to get it

    Cory_(Sat Aug 17 12:20:15 EDT 2013)>Goodbye

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:20:27 EDT 2013)>Please do not get angry

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:20:35 EDT 2013)>It will be available in your area

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:21:06 EDT 2013)>The reason we are not giving any assurance that since we are from chat support we do have limited access hence as of now we have not received any updated on this

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:21:30 EDT 2013)>The moment we get updates with regards to this we will update the same on our web site

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:21:39 EDT 2013)>So that our customers will come to know about it

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:21:52 EDT 2013)>As if it is available in their area or not

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:22:08 EDT 2013)>I will surely forward your suggestion to our higher level department right now

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:22:19 EDT 2013)>So that they will expedite on it

    Cory_(Sat Aug 17 12:22:50 EDT 2013)>I thank you for your time. But if it’s not available by next week I’ll be gone

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:23:01 EDT 2013)>Sure

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:23:07 EDT 2013)>Please do not worry

    Karl(Sat Aug 17 12:23:14 EDT 2013)>It will be available before that time

    1. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully they find a solution soon. Otherwise there are plenty of other TV provider options out there.

      1. Unfortunately the apt complex live in currently only offers TWC. My fiancee and I are looking to move soon after the wedding, and I think I’ll be changing providers when we do

  43. Time Warner Cable are not offering Premier League Extra Time in Los Angeles – the only games listed on the NBC website are the games on NBC Sports Network – the only info that chat support gave me was that “NBC had pulled out” – unfortunately for me, TWC have a monopoly in my area and I am stuck with them because my apartment building won’t allow dishes for DirecTV.
    I cannot believe that there are so many of us scrambling around to get access to the best football league in the world, especially considering that back in May we all had access to every game live…it’s such a bloody mess, and as a gooner it’s been a horrible weekend all around !
    Good luck to all of you in your quest to try and get access to the Premier League, I bloody curse the day that NBC bid for the rights !!!

    1. If TWC can do Extra Time where I am in rural NC you’d think LA would be a cinch.

      NBC is doing all it can. It’s the carriers who are dragging their feet and screwing things up.

    2. Hopeully you’ll be okay soon. I live in a small market and they seem to think we’ll get it soon. I can’t beleive they won’t get you sorted in such a large market. I’m a gunner myself so I feel your pain. Luckily we’re on main networks the first few weeks so it should give them time to fix it

    3. Finally, Time Warner Cable in Palm Springs area, CA is showing that the Premier League Extra Time Channels have been allocated to 960-969, 5 channels available 960-964, repeated at 965-969.

  44. Hi Gaffer

    Not sure if you’re aware but it looks like TWC customers can access Premier League extra time through the twc tv streaming app. The tv channels aren’t available in my territory but I can see them on the app. cheers.

  45. Hi i was expecting norwich v crystal palace on direct tv nbc extra channel 494 this week end. it did not show. after searching i found it on 492-1. why is the tv guide wrong. why are the website listing wrong. why hide it on a sub channel. how can you set a recording. any ideas guys

  46. Cox Cable in New Orleans have finally got their act together with the EPL Extra Time overflow channels. As of this past weekend there are seven channels of NBCEXT that can be found on Cox channels 1502 through 1508.

  47. Only once was I able to watch a live game on my MacBook Pro. I have Comcast; I have Adobe Flash 12; am signed in. I simply cannot get a live game, or a replay, to ever come up after the commercial runs. This is so disappointing. I love the Barclays games and would like to be able to watch after work or during my lunch break. I also watch other games via ESPN3, but most of those games are in spanish. Is there something that I am going wrong regarding the NBC Sports? Right now, I cannot watch the Fulham/Chelsea game – just the commercial. I was also unable to get any of the replays to work. Same problem on my iMac. Have not tried my HP Windows yet. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

  48. Well here in Dallas on TWC we get the nbc extra channels but unlike like season they are only SD and not HD. They have a month to sort it out or I’ll be looking for another provider. Why last season we had HD and not this is beyond me, pure tin pot comedy gold from TWC

  49. Great news.

    Having just moved from UVerse, where the Extra channels were just that, and we needed to record them to watch later (only 3 allowed though) to XFinity where the ‘Extra’ channels are viewed via On Demand, means we can pick and choose the matches to watch without either forgetting to record them, or taking up valuable hard drive space.

    Thanks for the Info, appreciated

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