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FOX Officially Says Goodbye to Sky Sports News Under New Plan

 FOX Officially Says Goodbye to Sky Sports News Under New Plan

FOX Sports has made the decision that Sky Sports News, the 24/7 news channel that used to be simulcast on FOX Soccer at hourly periods throughout the day, will not return to US television in its current form.

Despite initial reports that Sky Sports News would air in the early morning hours on FOX Sports 1, FOX has decided instead to integrate features and reports from Sky Sports News into its new FOX Soccer Daily show, which will debut August 19.

According to a FOX Sports spokesman, “The Sky Sports News content will include both features and updates that air on Sky Sports News (outside of the US) and exclusive features produced specifically for ‘FOX Soccer Daily’ and ‘FOX Sports Live.’”

While Sky Sports News as we know it will cease to be shown on US television, the compromise offered by FOX Sports 1 will appease some soccer fans. But in the changing landscape of soccer on US television, this is a huge disappointment for the hardcore soccer fanbase who have grown accustomed to watching the news and reports on a daily basis.

In some ways, FOX Soccer spoiled us by showing the Sky Sports News program. But in other ways, now that Americans have been accustomed to watching Sky Sports News on US television, they may seek out other alternatives to tuning in to the programming instead of having brief features and updates crammed into an already tight 30 minute show.

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26 Responses to FOX Officially Says Goodbye to Sky Sports News Under New Plan

  1. eric collins says:

    this is absolute bs i am a fan of ssn and of their production and anchors.way better than the buffonnery of espn

  2. Smokey Bacon says:

    With each announcement NBC is kicking Fox’s a*s. it will be like night and day when the season gets up an running. High quality production on NBC. Amateurs over on Fox.

  3. Kobashi says:

    Absolutely ridiculous!

    FOX still has to program FOX Sports 2 and FOX Soccer Plus. FOX can’t throw soccer fans a bone that do subscribe to FOX Soccer Plus or get it through a Sports Pack and air SSN in the traditional 7pm, 2am, and noon time periods? It’s not like it really costs the company that much money since Murdoch owns both SKY and FOX.

    Losing both SSN and the hour long FOX Soccer Report at the start of the new season really sucks for long time fans of the Sports here in the States!

    • sucka99 says:

      I suspect NBC will have some program to support their coverage of the the PL and between ESPN FC and Fox Soccer Daily we’ll get the coverage we need. Fox Soccer News was turning into a 40 highlight rerun show anyways. I mean how many times can you show the same highlight. The news report, top 10 goals, match in minutes, final whistle…

    • CTBlues says:

      Loosing Fox Soccer Report is a good thing that show was awful.

    • rkujay says:

      Wait. You still subscribe to plus??? Better get rid of that unless you are a rugby fan.
      You’ll probably be watching Champions League and Europa re-runs until you vomit.
      Or the new and improved racin’, raslin’ and women’s footy league.

  4. sucka99 says:

    Ever since they dropped it in July I’ve been using those “alternative means” to catch GMSF in the morning. And since the Google Chromecast has come out it has made it infinitely easier to watch in comfort on my TV. Game changer IMO. But Ad Block Plus is a must.

  5. Chris says:

    I can say I will be watching ESPN FC rather than this joke of show Fox Soccer Daily.

  6. Pirlo's Beard says:

    Nooo! What will I do on Deadline Day now, without Jim White and his yellow tie?

    • goatslookshifty says:

      Jim White was the best…and don’t forget the teenagers mobbing the reporters at the club grounds. That always made me laugh.

  7. Paul says:

    SSN better than ESPN?? what are some people smoking?? SSN anchors got no personality, its like Robots reading off the screen. Who wants to watch that??

    • Guy says:

      Just my opinion, but I think ESPN has pretty much become a parody of itself. Way too many people trying way too hard to be hip and clever.

      There’s still some good stuff, but much of it has simply become tiresome….for me.

      • jtm371 says:

        right again wise man.the 4 letter has sold their soul to the corporation.SSN all day long over the 4 letter.

        • sucka99 says:

          Let’s not get it twisted Sky’s sold it’s soul too (Premiere League Darts?) but ESPN is just head and shoulders above anyone in that department.

    • NashRambler says:

      “Who wants to watch that?” I do. The matter of fact delivery by the anchors on Sky Sports News was such a refreshing change from the over the top obnoxious style of sportscenter.
      It seems every ESPN anchor is out to make him/herself the star of the show. The highlights should be the star of the show.

  8. Jennifer says:

    We thought Fox would throw a few hours of SSN on Fox Soccer Plus since they’ve got so many hrs to fill–two live hrs (pref the 2am and 7pm) of SSN a day and we’d pay the $15mth to add that channel (Uverse). Fox had us for 3ish DVRd hours a day–SSN 2am/12pm/7pm–not to mention the transfer deadline day shows. Now we watch/record 0 hours of Fox. We will not watch the new show–no point recording a 4pm show to watch at 7ish (post work) when we can continue SSN via other means and get our full sport recap (football, rugby, cricket, news of the day etc).

    • sucka99 says:

      Yeah that’s another thing. Why would it come on at 4 when there’d still be games in progress in Europe at the time of recording?I guess this means it won’t be live.

  9. goatslookshifty says:

    One day we will all live in a world where we can watch what we want, when we want and from any country.
    p.s. BBC America is crap too.

  10. Matt says:

    And that is the final nail in the coffin of my subscription of Fox Soccer Plus. Might as well call it Fox Rugby now.

  11. Muley555 says:

    What the suits at Fox don’t realize is that if they had Sky Sports News running 24/7 it would get better ratings than the repeats and second rate games they are showing.

  12. Huw Roma says:

    They forget people liked to watch it for sports other than football too. They think it’s the be all end all of sports in general.

  13. Aruk79 says:

    I have just found Sky Sports news on my directv guide. It lists 4 episodes starting on September 30 on Fox soccer plus at 12pm and 7pm central time.

    I wonder if they are bringing it back because Fox Soccer daily is completely rubbish.

  14. bummer says:

    complete bummer

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