FIFA Planning to Host World Cup 2022 in November to December in Qatar, Says Report

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be played in November to December of 2022 instead of January, according to a report today in German magazine Kicker.

A source revealed to the magazine that the World Cup tournament would begin in mid-November, while the 2022 World Cup Final would be played on December 18.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter wants the 2022 World Cup moved from the summer to winter due to concerns about summertime temperatures in Qatar. However, the Premier League has blasted Blatter’s proposal for the World Cup to be moved to the winter.

Last week, Blatter said that FIFA would discuss the possibility of moving the World Cup from the summer to the winter at the scheduled FIFA Executive Committee meeting that will occur this October.

While the leak in Kicker magazine is revealing, no final decision has been made and there are still many hurdles that FIFA has to overcome before they can confirm a new date.

Meanwhile, here’s the official trailer from Qatar to promote their 2022 World Cup:

17 thoughts on “FIFA Planning to Host World Cup 2022 in November to December in Qatar, Says Report”

  1. I read this story this morning and I am really amazed. FIFA continues to stink to new lows.

    They will never admit that they took this bid in the first place because of the money. Now they are saying that they’ve come to realize that it’s too hot to play the WC during the summer in Qatar.

    So all those committees (during the bidding process) who traveled to those potential host cities and did all of this homework didn’t realize that Qatar was going to be too hot in the summer?

    I’ve met some pretty dumb grade school students who can tell you that Qatar is f**kin hotter than hot in the summer (…yes, that’s an exact quote from a grade school student).

    If FIFA makes this decision final, it will throw EVERY European league into chaos.

    I’m guessing the clubs can’t tell the players to boycott the WC, so it looks like FIFA is going to get away with this.

    I hope those FIFA officials choke on the money they got from Qatar. But they won’t. One of their assistants will give them the Heimlich maneuver while their flying on their private jet to the next potential WC bidding city.

  2. but what about those mega air conditioners! someone will invent them by then!

    now will have futuristic, not yet invented, gadgets included in their bids. Like USA will have a stadium that can hold 500k people…(more $$$) by 2026.

    1. Some breaks are as short as 2 weeks. You have to remember that the world cup process is more than the 4 weeks of matches….teams are usually together preparing for a month before the start of the WC. Maybe they can cut that down so the entire process is 6 weeks but then you need at least a week before domestic football starts again.
      You also need to consider the players that make it to the semis will all play 7 matches during that time and will need more recovery time so in theory the best 22 players in the world will not be available to their clubs right after the tournament.

  3. This whole thing is so beyond dumb.

    Even if you could cram it down the domestic league’s throats, what about the networks and sponsors who have paid money to sponsor/air those games. They surely won’t be happy with a screwed up season and now we’ll get to see them bringing their money to bear on the situation.

  4. Is it simple enough that players can boycott FIFA and the WC? Has it been done before? If the players refuse to play, doesn’t that leave FIFA with no choice but to figure out something else (like changing the host country)?

  5. Well said Pete. If there was any doubt on how corrupt the bidding process was – here we are.

    Qatar: A “country” with virtually no footballing history, with a modest population that’s too small to build any growth or legacy of the sport on, even regionally. Located in a volatile area that’s not exactly a train ride away, and oh – by the way, temperatures are too hot to safety run a summer tournament – brilliant!!!

    What about all those million dollar air conditioned stadia that was promised?

    What a joke.

  6. I’ve heard that Planet Mars is putting a bid in for world cup 2026 and are going to put a big oxygen bubble around their soon to developed capital city where all of the games will take place.

    They will also be providing free space travel to all fans that want to attend in a new, soon to be invented space ship that cuts down the travel time to 25 minutes from Earth. They also have promised a summer World Cup.

  7. England supporters won’t have to worry. The way things are going, we won’t be good enough to qualify for major competitions in the near future.
    It might be nice to watch an all-English premier league for a few months.

  8. FIFA is the most corrupt organization in professional sports, with UEFA a close second.
    And Sepp Blatter is an outright thief. Crook. I wouldn’t trust him to hold your money, nevermind my own. I can smell his stench from here.
    So, why would any of this surprise anyone?

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