El Salvador Fans Throw Sunglasses at Landon Donovan, So He Tries Them On: Nightly Soccer Report

Late into the CONCACAF Gold Cup game between the US national team and El Salvador in Baltimore tonight, a small number of El Salvador supporters began trying to pelt Landon Donovan with objects near the corner flag. Instead of acting like a jerk, Donovan picked up a pair of sunglasses that were thrown on the field, and put them on before being told by the assistant referee to remove them:

Here’s the Kodak moment:

The USA team went on to win the match 5-1 and will now play the winner of Honduras and Costa Rica in the semi-final of the 2013 Gold Cup.

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26 thoughts on “El Salvador Fans Throw Sunglasses at Landon Donovan, So He Tries Them On: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Man it was depressing listening to Gus and Wynalda today. They must be the most inappropriate commentators ever. Listening to Wynalda say ‘that’ll shut some people up” was embarrassing. Could you imagine Martin Tyler saying that? Or calling players by their first name?

  2. He should have kept them on the rest of the game.

    Wynalda and Gus. Dumb & Dumber. An abomination of play by play announcing as its called over here. The thought of this pair calling the World Cup in 2018 is just wrong.

  3. linesman should have let him wear them. Well played Donovan, well played.

    Had to keep the game on mute so I didn’t have to listen to the commentators.

  4. Are there that many El Salvadorians that live in the Baltimore/DC area that it looked like it was a pro El Salvador crowd?

    1. from American Soccer Now article

      ” there are 126,813 people of Salvadoran origin in the Washington D.C.-Maryland metro area, good enough for fourth in American metro areas according to the Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latinos.”

  5. I am a harsh Donovan critic but I will readily admit that today he truly grew up and now he needs to move to Europe. Great maturity shown by him today.

    1. So today he finally grew up? And now at 30+ yrs old he needs to go to Europe? Eurosnobs kill me…

  6. ynalda – zero knowledge? Really? Gus Johnson may be out of his depth, commenting on European matches but he did an adequate job yesterday.

    You “haters” are starting to sound as annoying as you accuse Gus to be.

    1. 10 thumbs down? Geesh, must have hit a sore spot. Certainly compared to Wynalda (who sounded like he was talking with friends in the stand, not doing commentary on an International match), Gus seemed halfway decent.

      Gus is no where near as bad as some make him out to be. Isn’t great, but enough is enough! Drop it!

  7. Anyone caught throwing things onto the field much less at a player should be banned from the building for life. There is zero excuse for it.

    1. yes 1 fan represents all of a nation- that’s right- good thing English or American fans could never be caught doing something like that

      1. English or American soccer fans DON’T act like this. That is the point. And it was the entire section not one fan. Pull your head out of the sand. There were Salvadorians (aka ungrateful people who immigrated legally or illegally to this country and have no respect for it) picking fights all over the stadium. I was there.

        1. yes I’ve never seen violence or inappropriate behavior at an American sporting event- despite books being written on English soccer hooligism and as recently as last year European Teams fined for abusive fan behavior- the NFL is the role model where gentlemen were suits and ties and support their home team between sips of tea by chanting G rated corporate approved messages – Philly?-Oakland? please Mr Nope (rhymes with _____?) please come enjoy the perfect world of American sports viewing -because I’m guessing you ain’t close right now

        2. For starters just because adrenaline hyped and soccer obsessed fans act disorderly at a soccer game, it does not mean that the whole nation is contaminated by scum as said by the ignorant bastard above. Its like saying that all Americans are obese fat lards and ethnocentric. And for your comment if you have ever been to any type of game such as baseball, football, basketball, etc people always have a tendency to get heated when there team is losing. In general people hate losing so they act stupidly. I recently went to a Nats game and notcied many white people picking fights with others. So dont say that american fans dot act like that.

  8. You want to know how you make fans of Mexico, El Salvador, etc act appropriately at these matches? Put INS on the field to watch them. I guarantee the behave. If you are offended by this post well get over it. The truth hurts.

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