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Why Kolo Toure Is A Worthwhile Gamble For Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers

kolo toure Why Kolo Toure Is A Worthwhile Gamble For Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers

Kolo Toure, who has been linked with Liverpool in recent days, has completed a remarkable comeback season. The central defender’s recent seasons were characterized by drug suspensions, alleged salacious affairs and uneven play. However in the 2012-13 season, Toure proved a lifesaver for a City side that was struggling with injuries and consistency at the back.

Club captain Vincent Kompany had a down season and Toure often had to fill in due to injuries or suspension.  While Toure had appeared nervy and mistake prone in an early season 2-2 draw at Anfield, the rest of the season – when called upon - he showed a tactical understanding and reading of the game that helped a side that often lost its shape at the back early in matches.

Considering how poor Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel were all season, it’s no mystery why Brendan Rodgers would consider Toure. A player who has earned multiple Premier League medals, the veteran Ivorian can prove a winning influence in a dressing room that does not contain many players who have achieved high level Premier League success. Toure’s influence in the dressing room has been lauded by Manchester City players the past few seasons and his ability to come off the bench cold and play at a high level is a significant asset.

Tactical flexibility also characterizes Toure. He still has the speed and awareness to play in a 3-5-2, a formation Rodgers has experimented with this past season. Toure stood out in multiple matches where Roberto Mancini switched formations in the middle of the match.

Given the weak state of defending Liverpool demonstrated this season, Toure’s signing on a free can only be a plus. Liverpool is not far away from being a top four side if the central defence is upgraded this summer. Toure, whose form recovered in 2012-2013, is a worthwhile gamble for Rodgers.

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18 Responses to Why Kolo Toure Is A Worthwhile Gamble For Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers

  1. brn442 says:

    “the veteran Ivorian can prove a *winning influence* in a dressing room that does not contain many players who have achieved high level Premier League success.”

    Surely, you are having a laugh. Welcome back Kartik.

    • Kartik Krishnaiyer says:

      Problem is most of these LFC players have never challenged for a Prem title (Gerrard, Reina and Sturridge are exceptions though only Sturridge has won a title) whereas Toure has been cited a positive dressing room influence in a City dressing room which had lots of similar characters prior to last year- players acquired from second tier clubs who largely fell away as seasons wore on. Liverpool does not have players who have actually been in a position that guys coming from City, Chelsea, United have had recently.

      • brn442 says:

        And Liverpool are going to be serious challengers for the league next season are they?

        We aren’t talking Spurs here.

        Barring a crazy summer, Liverpool will be lucky to get a top four finish next year. The motivational- speaker services of a fringe, ex-Arsenal cast-off, will not be needed, for a group of players who, in spite of their waywardness – made it to two cup finals a season ago.

        It’s a free transfer and he has a pulse, sure – why not have him for cover but he’s no Roy Keane.

  2. Ryan says:

    “Given the weak state of defending Liverpool demonstrated this season”

    I feel like this statement is inaccurate.

    Weren’t Liverpool like 5th in goals allowed this past season? And second in clean sheets?

    • Kartik Krishnaiyer says:

      They were prone to defensive breakdowns and miscommunications in critical moments of key matches all season long. Matches against top five clubs.

  3. M Owen says:

    I am begging you please don’t predict anything for LFC anymore.I still remember your “Gut” feeling at the beginning of last season that we had a the best midfield under kenny in the EPL.

  4. Bergkampfan says:

    lol at the whole article. A cardboard cutout of Kolo Toure would be a better defender than the man himself. I have never seen a bigger ass in football than Kolo. He is like the big momma of football. What a laughable football player who is way way past his best. Its good to see Liverpool try their level best to end up mid-table

    • The Gaffer says:

      If he hadn’t played for Arsenal and left the club, would you still have the same opinion? Just a question…

      The Gaffer

    • Kartik Krishnaiyer says:

      He won a title last season with City and was outstanding this year in several games when called upon.

  5. David says:

    No one can predict if Toure is going to be the player he was this season or not. He showed his age when he did play, lost his pace, but he did OK. I doubt very much that he will want to join Liverpool to sit on the bench and take a pay cut as well.

    He isn’t as bad as some are making him out to be but he isn’t any better than any of the central defenders Liverpool have right now. Coates is a better player and while he hasn’t played much, when he did play last I saw definite signs of improvement since the beginning of the season. Martin Kelley is also a central defender who was converted to right back.

    If Toure signs a 1-year contract at around 35,000 a week that would be OK. I doubt he would accept a short term contract at such a wage. He now earns 120,000 pounds a week.

  6. jtm371 says:

    i’m just glad if things don’t workout he can always fallback on selling cars.joke to old to slow he was not a integral part of the Championship last year.

  7. John says:

    Considering how poor Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel were all season? Seriously? I thought Daniel Agger was one of our best and most consistent player throughout the season! Skrtel was the bad one… not Agger!
    although he can defend better at set pieces..

  8. Carter says:

    I don’t know what season jtm was watching, but he was not integral to anything last year. I’m pretty sure the only reason they keep him around is to keep Yaya happy. He was terrible the last 2 years and I’d hate to see what happens if he is on a team without world class players to bail him out.

    • jtm371 says:

      maybe you miss read what i said.i said he was NOT INTEGRAL.i think be both agree City won in spite of the car salesman.

  9. El Duce says:

    Kolo Toure? We’re serious here? lol.

    I mean, Citeh only bought him to bring his brother aboard, let’s not kid ourselves. Have at him.

  10. El Duce says:

    Lifesaver? For City?

    I’m dying here.

  11. John says:

    “Considering how poor Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel were all season”

    …umm what? Agger was one of LFC’s best players during the season. His defending at set pieces is bad sometimes, but besides that he’s one of the best CB’s in the PL..

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