Stoke City Begin Search for New Manager By Contacting Mark Hughes: The Nightly EPL

Although Mark Hughes is not believed to be the number one candidate, Stoke City have contacted Hughes to schedule an interview with the former QPR, Blackburn, Manchester City and Wales manager. Stoke are also believed to be considering Gus Poyet, Roberto Martinez and Malky Mackay as candidates for the position.

Whether it’s the fact that Stoke want to do their due diligence and have a conversation with Hughes, I don’t know. But it’s worrying that Stoke are even considering Hughes given his horrible management stint at Queens Park Rangers. Mark Hughes is not what Stoke City needs right now.

What do you think? Does Hughes get a bad rap? And does he deserve a chance? Who do you think should Stoke consider for the job instead? Give us your opinions in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Stoke City Begin Search for New Manager By Contacting Mark Hughes: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Unbelievable they would even interview him.Sure he is a nice guy but as a manager not so good.tired of these retreads always resurfacing for any EPL job.I would take a flyer on Poyet.

  2. Well, you only have to read The Oatcake to see what most Stoke fans think of this idea. Hughes is bottom of the pile.

    Needless to say, Tony’s replacement is subject #1 on the board. For myself, I wouldn’t mind a Poyet or Mackay. Why not go with some hot hand who is charged up rather than dried up? And no Martinez, thank you.

    Now, if Sir Alex just wanted a new challenge……. 😉

  3. The NY Times Gus Johnson story is interesting and revealing. Doesn’t change anything, though. He is still a disaster as announcer for the sport and I don’t think that can or will substantialy change. There are some things we are not born to do.

    1. Great article. He’s trying so hard it’s painful. I’m looking forward to hearing the call today. I hope German prodigy Rizenfire is on Gus’ list, probably among the subs.

  4. Does mark Hughes have compromising photographs of the stoke board…how is he even in the conversation let alone getting an interview.

    Gus Poyet would be a good choice I think. Considering the task ahead for stoke you want someone that has experience changing philosophies, 7 years that club has done things the pulis way, its not as easy to get everyone to change, managing that change with the players is going to be difficult.

    Whoever comes in can’t just replace 25 players, and not that you would want to. it’s almost as tho you need a manager for the transition period…last thing stoke want or need is a relegation battle.

    Martin Jol would be ideal, but he’s not leaving Fulham, the thing is they can’t take too long in deciding, the more pre season the better. Perhaps Neil Lennon of Celtic? Glenn Hoddle would be a Cou, he put the building blocks in place for CFC turn around. Perhaps Martinez, he has experience in transitioning teams from poor football, maybe a season would be enough, then move on.

    Maybe out left field… Bruce Arena or Bob Bradley or Frank Yallop?..

  5. LOL, hilarious.

    Hughes, pretty much the bulk of the blame for QPR’s annus horribilis lies with his braindead personnel purchase requests.

    And Poyet has shown zero temperament in being an effective manager. His tactical nous are fine, but when was he ever not preening in front of his beloved London PL teams, looking for that opportunity at the first blink? He needs to get his own house in order, and fast.

  6. Can not understand stoke even thinking about mark hughes he is not worthy of lacing up tony pullises boots if we are going to move on its got to be with a young manager with fresh ideas

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