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Arsenal Away Shirt for 2013-14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

arsenal away shirt top 600x328 Arsenal Away Shirt for 2013 14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

New photographs of Arsenal’s away shirt for the 2013-14 season have been leaked on the Internet.

The new set of photos look to be professional ones from Nike (watermark excluded, of course). The images of Arsenal’s new away shirt reveal a clean and classy design with a yellow shirt complemented by a blue trim.

The Arsenal away jersey features a buttoned-down blue collar. The embroidered Arsenal crest reveal a lot of attention to detail. Overall, this is a winner. It reminds me of that famous Alan Sunderland goal for Arsenal that helped them win the 1979 FA Cup Final against Manchester United.

For the doubters out there, Arsenal’s contract with Puma doesn’t start until the 2014-15 season, so this will be the last Arsenal away shirt design from Nike.

arsenal away shirt crest 600x600 Arsenal Away Shirt for 2013 14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

arsenal away shirt front 576x900 Arsenal Away Shirt for 2013 14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

arsenal away shirt back 576x900 Arsenal Away Shirt for 2013 14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

What’s your opinion about the new shirt? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

H/T Todo Sobre Camisetas.

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46 Responses to Arsenal Away Shirt for 2013-14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

  1. Anyaeche Emmanuel says:

    Hello Mates, I am a true and passionate gunner, please I will love to have any of our home or away jersey….. We need a rousing support next season to wrestle the trophy from the Manchester Clubs…. THANKS!

    • Jonny says:

      Well said. The support this season, especially at the Emirates, has been less than satisfactory. We need every Arsenal fan to give their full backing to the club next season, regardless of the transfer policy they employ this summer. Only then can we have a realistic shot of ending our trophy drought.

  2. Bob says:

    LMAO – We are with Puma now not NIKE -fake

  3. Kobia says:

    We are with puma next season not nike. this cant be real

  4. FADARE MOSES says:


  5. Elemuren , S.A says:

    Nice one , hoping to get one . We shall be on fire next season . Rivals , BEWARE . Gunners till I die .

  6. Isah koch says:

    Arsenal wenger ar bag buy big name player 4 us

  7. Jay Gooner says:

    It’s clearly a polo shirt.. Buttons on a jersey.. This ain’t cricket! Can’t believe how daft people can be just to post something online. 2013/14 season will be Nikes last season.. So many glory hunters these days… Sigh!!!

  8. Mayor says:

    Up Gunner. Why arsenal is not use white shir just to use red line on it for home and use red shirt just to use white line on it that it for away. Will no that red and white is arsenal colour.

  9. Arsenal in third place come 2morrow,celebration is for sure,arsenal next season champion,next season jersy is going to be gr8.gunners 4real.

  10. Stevie says:

    I think this is the actual shirt. I have seen other nike kits for next season I.e Man utd, and it the same shirt. Nike kits next season will be polo shirts, very simple design. I think Arsenal should of finished their contract early with Nike and go straight to Puma. What’s the point of having a new kit for one season? Pointless. Fresh start, big signing, new shirt, new Arsenal, Big statement!

  11. Yes says:

    Arsenal are the worst team of England.Come on Tottenham Hotspur.Come on you spurs.

    • EmuGuNz007 says:

      Oh Yeah ?? How many times did you finish above us you spuds… freaking chicken trying to balance on a beach ball.. How many trophies have you got huh? Not even half as ours and you compare yourselves to us.. you’re such a DISGRACE… You are a Schmuck…!!

  12. Yes says:

    F*** Arsenal.Come on you spurs.

    • Jay Gooner says:

      You mean c’mon Bale fc.. Tottenham are sh*te n will always be.. Bale for Real Madrid next season and then spurs will finish next to relegation places.. Where you scum deserve to be!!!!

  13. aiden says:

    U really must love arsenal, you’ve cum on this page to see the new away kit, sums it all up.

  14. Am a true fan of Arsenal, and i always love to support them with the little can. l love the away kit, and i who’d love to have it.

  15. Samuel okyere wusseh says:

    I LUV THE kit but it will nice if it features a little design upfront.luv Arsenal

  16. CTBlues says:

    Looks more like a Chelsea away kit than an Arse jersey.

  17. brn442 says:

    Nice to the Arsenal playing in yellow again.

    The lighter shade of blue does remind me of those Arsenal shirts from the late 70′s.

  18. Joe says:

    The last Nike kit? Would be rude not to get it I think, as a man of tradition I shall buy all 3 kits and frame them, I rather like this kit. Lets just hope the new era of sponsor brings a new era of trophies!! COME ON YOU REDS!!!

  19. Gray says:

    Simple design but fabulous. I’ll buy it. Anyone with pictures of the home jersey?

  20. Henry says:

    Invincibles away kit Mark II – in case plastic gooners dont get it, its similar to away kit we had that year.

  21. Friend says:


  22. Chernor Hardy Barrie says:

    I love the design its perfec t. I hope it will bring luck this time. Go Gunners go we are proud of u.

  23. Bishopville Red says:

    Pretty classic Arsenal alt design. Proof that less is more.


  24. Charles says:

    The jersy is good but no matter hw good it is, we want to see world class signings

  25. Marc L says:

    Very nice and classy. Traditional look for them. Enormous step up from the purple and black tube-top look they were rocking last year.

    Probably the best looking shirt I’ve seen for the EPL for next year. What the hell, Nike? What’s wrong with you? You’re seriously messing with my assumptions and preconceptions in coming up with this.

  26. Davigaza says:

    Hae arsenal fans we xhuld b fans by all the parts of our bodies. Lets support our team to the fullest. Abt the jerseys no comment just a tick

  27. nice kit…this i will go with the nike

  28. andy says:

    arsenal should release the new away kit SOON because I want it soon now

  29. andy says:

    like if if you love arsenal soooooo much

  30. Jorge Gonzalez Iceta says:

    I love this away jersey, but not only ’cause reminds us that golden season. I’m sure that will be the best kit in all Premier League with blue shorts. COME ON ARSENAL!

  31. Cape Code says:

    I love this jersey than my Ex-girlfriend

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