Anfield: The Victims, The Anger And Liverpool’s Shameful Truth: The Nightly EPL

In an article that is near and dear to my heart, The Guardian’s David Conn has written a follow-up piece to an article he wrote five years ago about the status of the derelict houses that form a “ghost town” next to Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium.

On a visit to Liverpool 7 years ago, I spent a morning walking around Anfield and was absolutely shocked at the state of the homes that were literally in the dark shadow of Liverpool Football Club. The vast majority of homes were boarded up, but there were a few here and there that were still being lived in.

Read about the shameful truth about Liverpool’s plan to demolish the majority of the homes in the latest article by Conn, which was published tonight.

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Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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20 thoughts on “Anfield: The Victims, The Anger And Liverpool’s Shameful Truth: The Nightly EPL”

      1. They will be cheaper than the scalpers the other 20k Chelsea fans that will be in Amsterdam trying to buy scalped tickets.

  1. Well, Christopher, never thought I’d be reading the tabloid on a tablet. It did stimulate discussion, eh? But, you may wish to contact Steven Cohen.

    Liverpool supporters and citizens: There is no difference between American, Middle Eastern, or Russian oligarchs. Shankly said its team, manager and supporters that the game is about.

    1. Edofcourse, did you reply to the wrong thread? I have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s no tabloids mentioned in the above Nightly EPL article.

      The Gaffer

      1. It was his attempt to say your piece was tabloidesque.

        Then I believe he attempts to make a comparison between what you’ve written and Steven Cohen’s Hillsborough comments.

        Finally he rounds it off with a semi-incoherent rant.

        1. Exactly. I don’t get it. I’m not sure what the commenter was thinking when he wrote that. The comment doesn’t make any sense at all, but thanks for trying to help me unravel it! :)

          The Gaffer

      2. There’s no tabloids mentioned in the above Nightly EPL article.

        No tabloids…apart from the Daily Mail (mentioned twice, the Liverpool Echo and the Metro…

        1. I don’t consider the Liverpool Echo a tabloid. It’s a local newspaper. The Metro is a freebie newspaper, not a tabloid. The Mail is a tabloid. But so what? What difference does it make if is a tabloid as long as the news is relevant?

          The Gaffer

          1. No, there’s nothing wrong with getting news from a tabloid (I think the term is losing significance these days anyway*). But it’s just a bit weird to say there are no tabloids mentioned in the artcle, when there clearly are.

            *Technically the term refers to the size of the sheets (tabloid as opposed to broadsheet), which definitely makes the Echo and the Metro tabloids (regardless of the fact that the Metro is free). But like I say, that’s increasingly irrelevant now that “broadsheets” also publish in tabloid format, and most news media is consumed online anyway.

            If you’re going to use the term as an expression of “quality” (however it’s defined), then again, I don’t see how the Echo or the Metro are better than the Mail or the Mirror in anyway. But again, I think even that definition is becoming increasingly irrelevant, as even typical broadsheets are often full of garbage these days too.

            1. Nonsense, the article in question is the one by The Guardian regarding the houses around Anfield. It’s not the links in the “Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines.”

              Broadsheets like The Guardian are “full of garbage these days too?” Nonsense.

              The Gaffer

          2. Fair enough, i won’t continue the quibble, but when you said “there’s no tabloids mentioned in the above Nightly EPL article”, I thought you were talking about the Nightly EPL article (which does mention tabloids) rather than the Guardian article (which doesn’t).

            Sorry if that’s a bit pedantic.

            As for the “Guardian’s full of garbage these days”…have you read it recently? I’m not sure if it’s always been the case, but they’ve definitely been hit by the “click-bait” habit inherent in the internet. The basic news is generally OK, but anything opinion based(whether sports-based, politics, whatever) is just pure click-bait.

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