Anfield: The Victims, The Anger And Liverpool’s Shameful Truth: The Nightly EPL

In an article that is near and dear to my heart, The Guardian’s David Conn has written a follow-up piece to an article he wrote five years ago about the status of the derelict houses that form a “ghost town” next to Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium.

On a visit to Liverpool 7 years ago, I spent a morning walking around Anfield and was absolutely shocked at the state of the homes that were literally in the dark shadow of Liverpool Football Club. The vast majority of homes were boarded up, but there were a few here and there that were still being lived in.

Read about the shameful truth about Liverpool’s plan to demolish the majority of the homes in the latest article by Conn, which was published tonight.

MORE — View photos from ‘The Dark Side of Anfield That No One Wants You To See’

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