Reading vs QPR, Chelsea vs Swansea & Arsenal vs Manchester United: Open Thread

Three matches, each with their own story lines. Reading against QPR is the battle of the soon-to-be relegated teams. Which one still has some fighting spirit left? Which one wants to try to avoid being the bottom club in the Premier League this season? Which manager is still able to motivate his players no matter what the predicament his team and players face?

Second match of the day is Chelsea against Swansea — a revenge match, of sorts, after Swansea defeated Chelsea at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season in the League Cup. Chelsea needs a win today to keep on trying to score a top four position. Swansea are playing for pride and large player bonuses at the end of the season depending on where they finish in the table.

Last but not least is the biggest match of the day when Arsenal will give Manchester United a guard of honor at the Emirates Stadium to congratulate them for winning the Premier League title. Arsenal will want to get all three points to put the pressure on Tottenham Hotspur after they slipped up yesterday. Manchester United will want to try to gain maximum points in their quest to beat Chelsea’s record 95 points achieved in one season. Plus, Manchester United always seems to do well when they play against Arsenal.

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Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation with soccer fans from around the world in the comments section below.

48 thoughts on “Reading vs QPR, Chelsea vs Swansea & Arsenal vs Manchester United: Open Thread”

  1. The most entertaining aspect of the game thus far between Reading and QPR is the ad that ran across the bottom of the screen for FOX Sports 1.

    Still a long way to go in this game.

    The Gaffer

  2. Reading-QPR has nil-nil written all over it, unless someone makes a silly mistake.

    Why the heck isn’t Redknapp playing Jamie Mackay and Shaun Derry? Those two can do better than this lot that’s on the pitch.

    The Gaffer

  3. Reading-QPR is a case of mutually assured destruction. Pathetic effort by both teams who deserve to go down. Once again the table doesn’t lie. They should have let QPR wear their home kit for comedy value.

  4. ‘Arry looks like he can’t wait to desert the sinking ship that he helped run aground. Next up for him may well be Chelsea interim manager after the Russian fires the next hopeless sap stupid enough to take the job.

  5. I realize that this is somewhat apples to oranges, but it is ironic that Jon Champion called the match between Reading and QPR, while Gus Johnson will be calling the Champions League and the FA Cup Final.

  6. Wait, I didn’t realise that both teams are relegated alredy! Was confused and spent some time thinking about it and now I finally understand why.

  7. Ah, teatime at Versailles on deck. Call me a cynic but I can totally see Sir Baconface taking it easy on Arsene de Bourbon here in service to their shared distaste of nouveau riche Chelsea. And Spurs, well they most certainly can eat cake.

  8. how does that linesman keep his job when the offside is 10 yards away from him.Evra was caught sleeping but Theo was offside plain and simple.

  9. Lampard just ONE goal away from equaling THAT record! Oh my, can’t wait for that day!
    And not to mention, of course, the time when he surpasses the record to become Chelsea’s all time top scorer, which will be massive beyond words.

    Not a Chelsea fan, but I’m so excited about this!

  10. if Rooney want to stay at United he will have to take a massive pay cut.his play has been awful and way over paid.Shrek might have to find a new home.

  11. Was that really offside? I thought Walcott had one leg behind Evra at the point when the ball was kicked? So how does that still count as offside?

  12. Arsenal running rings around the United midfield. Jones looks lost in there. No way is he good enough to play midfield. It sets him back when he could be a class centre back, given the chance.

    1. Very very true. Poor refereeing all season long. Maybe I haven’t followed it close enough, but it seems to me that this season has been one of the worst for bad officials.
      I hold a very dim view of many of these referees.

  13. i think Dowd has been card way Valencia should get a card for that handball.running with back to ball poor call.

    1. Well said JTM – how is that a yellow card?

      What was intentional or reckless about Valencia’s handball?

      Why can’t a foul just be a foul?

      Dowd can be a joke of a referee sometimes.

  14. Guy
    congrats to you and Ian on your Potters victory and safety in the EPL for next year.could be a lot of changes at Stoke for next year.

  15. QPR and Reading were just pathetic and embarassing. Glad they are relegated.

    Good win for Chelsea who needed the win as they have a tougher fixture list compared to Spurs and Arsenal. Next up for them is Basel on Thursday, then Man United away on Sunday followed by the all-important one against Spurs on Wednesday following.

  16. Whew… we’ll take a draw on that one (expected much worse, and will continue to do so until we can strengthen our front and back). I wish Swansea could have caused Chelsea a little more trouble, but decent results all weekend… and no complaints.

    1. United might be able to help you guys out next week. At this point, I’m really hoping both Spurs and Arsenal grab the final 2 spots. Chelsea did their best to prove that winners who don’t qualify through league play should have to go earn their place like Liverpool did in 2005.

  17. That was such a poor performance by Utd… They weren’t trying to win the game at all… They get to the final 3rd and don’t attack the goal with anywhere near the same verocity they did before they clinched… Giggs, Valencia, bank, Vera… Just awful.

    How Santa was still on the field at the end is beyond me… I guess we can expect the same week performance… Happy for a draw rubbish v Chelsea next week.

    How did Giggs not score , he has wide open running in on goal, he slowed down and turned around….

    I’m sure Wigan will put a up a better fight….

    Disappointed Man Utd…Very disappointed…….

    Phil Dowd continues his poor performances…..

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