Luis Suarez Charged By FA With Violent Conduct For Biting Branislav Ivanovic

The Football Association has charged Luis Suarez with violent conduct after biting Branislav Ivanovic in yesterday’s Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield.

“The incident was not seen by the match officials and has therefore been retrospectively reviewed,” said a statement by The FA. “It is alleged that the conduct of Suarez constitutes violent conduct and it is The FA’s contention that the standard punishment of three matches that would otherwise apply is clearly insufficient in these circumstances.”

Suarez has until 1pm ET tomorrow to respond to the charge. “Thereafter, an Independent Regulatory Commission will be convened [to discuss the case] on Wednesday,” added The FA statement.

9 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Charged By FA With Violent Conduct For Biting Branislav Ivanovic”

  1. This is bad of course, and he’s crazy because how could he think he would not get caught.

    But I’d rather see them clamp down on stamps and elbows if I had to choose.

  2. At least Fenway Sports Group is standing by him.

    FSG has managed to find a way to make Tom Hicks and George Gillette look like responsible owners.


  3. A few seasons back Jermaine Defoe bit Javier Mascherano and he was given a yellow card by the referee. He received no other punishment because the referee saw the incident. I’m sure if the referee had seen the Suarez incident he would have received a red card at worse (or maybe just a yellow, we’ll never know) which would have meant a 3-match ban. But becuase the referee didn’t see it Suarez could get a much bigger ban.

    In a way, Suarez would have been better off if the referee had seen the incident. His punishment would have been less severe. Crazy how the FA operates.

    1. I agree that the FA is never consistent. It is crazy that if an official sees an infringement the player is penalized less. Doesn’t make sense but that’s how it is.

      In this case Chelsea are also penalized since if the official had seen the incident Suarez would not have been on the pitch and Liverpool probably wouldn’t have equalized.

      1. The FA are not accountable to anyone which s why they can do whatever they want and are so inconsistent. They make up their own rules and how to apply them at their will.

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