Sergio Aguero Could Face Retrospective FA Action After Horror Tackle On David Luiz [VIDEO]

Expect Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero to receive a retrospective fine and possible suspension from The FA after referee Chris Foy and his match officials missed a two-footed horror tackle by Aguero on Luiz in Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final at Wembley.

Chelsea defender David Luiz has called on Aguero to apologize for the tackle, which Luiz said “I never saw Agüero do bad tackles on other players. I think it was five-second angry and I forgive him.”

Here’s the tackle in question:

14 thoughts on “Sergio Aguero Could Face Retrospective FA Action After Horror Tackle On David Luiz [VIDEO]”

  1. Not excusing what Aguero did, but right before the incident Luiz elbowed him. Also, Torres made sure to stamp on Aguero after.

    Most likely will be a 3 match ban for Aguero, right?

  2. why do players think they can get away with it in this day and age.not justifying what Kun did but luiz is a jackwagon.karma is a bitch get used to it luiz you have some coming your way.

  3. Dirty kun(t) aguero. Just like his filthy father in law.
    Hope he gets 6 weeks.
    Love the revenge stomp by Torres tho hahaha

  4. both gifted players and its a shame that they resort to these British tactics-leave that that kind of game for the lesser talented British players

  5. This is out of character for Kun, but the ref must have seen the incident as he awarded a free kick. It was a sending off all day but so was Torres’s stamp down the back of Aguero’s calf and Achilles , the ref let some tasty challenges by both sides go which helped make it the great game it was.

  6. Luiz was physical with Aguero all match and anyone who has watched Kun knows he doesn’t play dirty. It was completely out of character and I’m fearful there’s a punishment coming but hopeful that his past performance keeps him from a three match ban.

  7. Well of course the FA(rce) will bang Aguero with a retro ban. What do you think he is, a rag? I mean, if the ginger tw@t or the grannyshagger or Shrek did this you can bet nothing would happen.

    1. It’s the Media reaction that causes most of these bans putting pressure on the ref’s after the fact. I mean in he very same game Torres also stamped on a player, yet I haven’t heard a peep about it in the media. And last week in the derby Rooney lunged into Milner studs up both feet, again absolutely nothing! Rooney as we know loves pointing this kind of injustice out to ref’s he must think it fine for himself to do. I guess the media just love to point out certain teams and try help get players banned, but turn a blind eye to some that might get upset and ban them from press conferences.

  8. By the way, what is worse? Luiz elbowing Aguero. Aguero getting mad in the heat of the moment and retaliating? Or the Ladyboy coming in later and deliberately trying to injure Aguero?

    Of course the FA(rce) will probably look at all of these incidents. For me, Ladyboy needs to take the worst knock for the premeditated nature of the action.

  9. Wow. Nani gets a stupid red card and this bum gets nothing for an all out assault on a player. Oh, wait, he’s man city guy, oh, well, they can do no wrong.

  10. Unfortunately the FA has said they will not punish Aguero for his lunge at Luiz. The referee saw the incident so therefore there can be no retroactive punishment. Also, Chelsea did not make a big deal of it and Luiz asked Aguero to apologize for the incident.

    I think the FA needs to change the rule and give out retroactive punishment even in incidents that the officials saw. Officials do make mistakes or soemtimes they don’t see the whole thing.

    1. As long as that punishment isn’t fuelled by a media witch hunt and all that are requested to be looked at are then I agree.

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